Today we officially welcome the Charleston Outlaws

Our expansion into South Carolina continues! Today, Ruck Science officially welcomes the Charleston Outlaws to our family of sponsored rugby clubs. That brings our total number of partners to 63. Pretty good progress considering we’ve only been operating for a little under 12 months. Our deal with the Outlaws is set to begin on Nov 1st, and will run for the remainder of this rugby season and into next year as well. We now have yet another reason to visit the South! Fan-bloody-tastic.

Who are the Outlaws?

The Charleston Outlaws rugby football club has been around since 1973. They compete in the grueling Carolinas Senior Men's Division III Coastal competition alongside teams like current competition leaders Southern Pines Rugby and nearby Charlotte Barbarians. The Outlaws have won this competition several times in Division III and were National Championship finalists in the Division II competition back in 2008.

What’s on their schedule?

Diversity in Carolina

Diversity is a feature of the Charleston outlaws organization, with members hailing from all over the world. Retired player, John Wagner, explains that the club is one of the most diverse on the Eastern Seaboard with players joining from all over the world. “Some have been here for a long time and have family in the area, or were here as students or for work,” Wagner says. “Including England, Wales, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, Japan, Spain, India, Germany and Canada.”

Training with the Outlaws

The Outlaws practice twice each week during the rugby season and in the weeks leading up to it. These practice sessions are at The Citadel practice fields. But home games are actually played on Daniel Island at the Charleston Battery practice fields

Do you already play with the Outlaws?

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Today we officially welcome the Charleston Outlaws

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