Free sponsorship tool for rugby clubs launched

Ruck Science is pleased to announce that on March 8th 2016, we will be releasing a Rugby-focused advertising dashboard that will help amateur rugby clubs demonstrate value to their sponsors.  

The sponsorship challenge

One of the major challenges amateur clubs face is demonstrating value to club sponsors. Note, we said demonstrating, not providing. There is a huge advantage to small businesses in particular of supporting local rugby teams. The challenge is, aside from bringing guys and girls into the store's location, how do you show your sponsors that they're benefiting from their sponsorship $$$?

Until now, Ruck Science has given club managers and members a simple way leveraging your rugby club's buying power through our sponsorship program. Today, we're happy to announce the launch of a free sponsorship tool for rugby clubs in the form of our proprietary ad network. 

What is an Ad Network?

Most amateur rugby clubs manage their own website as a resource for schedules, rosters and dues collection. Club websites attract a very specific audience of rugby players and their friends and family. Typically, when a new sponsor comes on board, one of the things a club will do is put the sponsor's logo on the club website. But after this happens, very few clubs provide reports to their sponsors on the number of times that logo is viewed or clicked. Which is understandable, since most clubs are run by volunteers who don't have the technical capabilities of publishers like the NYT or Bloomberg. 

No longer!

The Ruck Science ad network will let clubs manage the advertising on their rugby club's website and then create automated weekly and monthly reports for their advertising sponsors. Each club will be able to manage its own user-profile and dashboard. While it doesn't completely solve the problem of demonstrating value to sponsors, we hope that it will be just one more tool that clubs can use in this effort. 

The Dashboard

The Ruck Science ad network dashboard is simple and easy to use. Most clubs will have just a single 'Publisher' profile - your club website, although some will have more than one if you have multiple websites for your womens, mens and junior programs. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can manage multiple 'Advertiser' accounts on the left hand side. So if you have 10 sponsors, you'll be able to create an Advertiser profile for each of them. 

ad manager dashboard

Installing Ad Code

In order to make this as simple as possible, getting your sponsor's logo onto the website involves simply putting a piece of javascript into the area of the website where you would like the logo to appear. If that just went over your head, feel free to forward this article to your website provider and have them coordinate from here on. 

Manage Ad Creative

If you're still with us, the javascript will allow you to change the ads on the website without editing the website. Its as simple as uploading a new sponsor logo to your Ruck Science ad network account. 

Here's an example of an ad we created and stored in our 'Library' within the ad network:  

manage ad creative

Creating Reports

Here's where things get useful. Remember, the key reason to take advantage of the Ruck Science ad network is so that you can demonstrate value to sponsors. Luckily, the Ad Network gives you the ability to create multiple reports that you can use in your sponsorship discussions. The reports tab of the dashboard lets you build custom reports for any of your sponsors, or even create composite reports for board meetings. 

Here's an example of what a report would look like if Ruck Science was one of your club's sponsors:

sample advertiser report

Sharing Reports

You probably don't want to give your sponsors access to the dashboard OR deal with emailing them a report every month. So to save all that time, the ad network can be setup to automatically send reports to your sponsors. Forget downloading PDFs, just add the email addresses that you want the report to be sent to and voila, you're done! 

Here's an example of what the setup area for automated reports looks like: 

sharing reports

What does it all cost?

Best of all, it's completely FREE to use. We won't ever be charging for the product. This is just one more way, Ruck Science is helping amateur rugby clubs to simplify their marketing, sponsorship and fund raising efforts. 

How do you get access?

If you would like to take advantage of this valuable tool for sponsorship management, please complete the form below and our team will create a free account for you and send over some training and best practices materials

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Free sponsorship tool for rugby clubs launched

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