Our rugby training supplement bundle: Ruck Training

We made a mistake when we launched Ruck Science way back in January. But that's ok, we'll admit it. What was the mistake you ask? We messed up with our of our supplement bundles.

The current bundles

We created 4 different supplement bundles in January. Designed for rugby players who wanted to play Harder, play Smarter, Recover faster and have Everything. For some reason, we thought that would be enough. But it turns out these packages didn't quite meet all the possibilities we thought of. So we've had to create a new one!

Ruck Training

What do you need before the gym? Pre-workout. What do you need after the gym? Whey Protein. How did we not think of this before? Our new Ruck Training bundle is designed to give you the energy your body needs to get into the gym and the fuel it needs to repair you once you're out. 


-------- Ruck Training - $39.95 --------


Introductory Discount

Since we messed up by not having this bundle available for the past 6 months, we think its only fair to provide some kind of discount as a way to say sorry. So from now until the end of August, the Ruck Training bundle will be discounted $10. Get it now for just $39.95 because come September 1st, it will revert back to the standard $49.95. Keep in mind though, that's still $5 cheaper than buying the two products separately. 

Our rugby training supplement bundle: Ruck Training

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