New partner announcement - forward with honor

We’re getting towards the end of our first year of operations at Ruck Science and we’ve made some excellent progress signing up amateur clubs around the country to join our sponsorship program. Today we welcome our first sponsored club from Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Highlanders. Our agreement with the Highlanders technically started on December 1st of this year. Which means the club is now eligible to receive monthly donations from Ruck Science. Keep reading to learn more about the Pittsburgh Highlanders and what this partnership means for rugby in Pennsylvania.

Club history

The Westmoreland Highlanders Rugby Football Club was founded in Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in 1983. After a more than a decade in Westmoreland County, the club was moved to the Greater Pittsburgh area in 1994 and eventually re-branded as the Pittsburgh Highlanders in the late 2010’s. Around that time, a women’s senior club was founded as a separate, but sister club to the Highlanders until both clubs merged in the summer of 2015. Now, the Pittsburgh Highlanders Rugby Football Club operate a federally registered, non – profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting and fostering the sport of Rugby Union in the United States. The club supports the development of rugby throughout the area by coaching high school and collegiate programs, officiating local matches and supporting area rugby in a number of other ways.

Partnership details

The partnership between Ruck Science and the Pittsburgh Highlanders doesn’t follow the traditional sports sponsorship model. Why is that? Because most sporting sponsorships actually cost the sponsored club a huge amount of time and money to get started. There’s very often printing costs, management costs, reporting costs etc. None of that is necessary with Ruck Science. For every order placed on that mentions the “Pittsburgh Highlanders” at checkout, we’ll donate up to 20% straight the the club. That’s it. No field signs, no re-printing jerseys. In fact the club doesn’t need to do anything except letting their members know that we’re an option for purchasing supplements.

Supporting the Highlanders

There are a few different ways you can do this:

  1. donate directly through the donation page of their website
  2. buy merchandise from their online store - their Jerseys looks awesome BTW!
  3. pay your dues - you can do this even if you’re not a rugby player!
  4. enter “Pittsburgh Highlanders” when you checkout on

Men’s and Women’s teams

One thing that makes the Pittsburgh Highlanders a little different (in a good way) is the fact that the club supports both men’s and women’s rugby teams. Unlike in Australia, NZ and the UK where this is quite common, having a rugby club with teams of both genders seems to bit a bit less common the US. It’s great to see the Highlanders taking this inclusive approach to their organization. While we couldn’t find any film online of the guys team playing a game, we were able to source this video below which is a full replay of the women’s team playing against Akron earlier this year.

    Are you a Highlanders player or supporter?

    A couple things to keep in mind if you want to try out Ruck Science and compare us to other supplement manufacturers:

    • Sign up for Rucks (our rewards program) and you’ll get $20 to spend before your first purchase.
    • Use code INTROSTACK for 50% off our sample supplement stack
    • Use code HIGHLANDERSINTRO for 30% off everything else
    • Make sure you list the “Pittsburgh Highlanders” as your rugby club during the checkout process so we know where to send your donation.

    More Highlanders stuff

    Visit the club Website
    Men’s team on Facebook
    Men’s team on Twitter
    Women’s team on Facebook
    Women’s team on Twitter

    New partner announcement - forward with honor

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