Refer your rugby club and get $10.00 to spend

This month, the team @ Ruck Science is offering you the chance to get $10.00 to spend on our website. You can use your $10.00 on any purchase across our entire range of nutritional supplements for rugby players. All you need to do is make a quick email introduction between one of your club managers and our team. 

Referral Process

It's super-simple! Just click the image below and an email will open up in your browser or email client, all written for you and almost ready to send. We can't quite get the html right, so you'll have to edit the CC, subject and body fields a little bit. Sorry about that. Its annoying, but its totally worth $10.00!!

refer your rugby club 

Promo Guidelines

  • Referral must include an email introduction between your club admin and our founder Tim Howard,
  • Promo Code is provided only to the first player from each club to make an intro (but you can introduce us to anyone!)
  • One Promo Code / person so don't go spamming every club in the country
  • You must have an existing relationship with the club you refer (either you play/coach there now or you have in the past)
  • Promo Code good through 03/31/2016

Refer your rugby club and get $10.00 to spend

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