You may not always be playing Rugby, but you’re always a Rugby player. Our lifestyle brand consists of specially designed products to cater to the needs of an athlete at rest. Ranging from functional clothing to recovery tools, every product has a specific role to play in the life of a rugby player.

  • washable car seat cover

    Car Seat Cover

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  • Firm Massage Ball

    Firm Massage Ball

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  • GRID Foam RollerGRID Foam Roller

    GRID Foam Roller

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  • Rugby Shorts (with pockets)

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  • Shaker

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  • Stick Foam Roller

    Stick Foam Roller

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  • TP Cold Roller

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Coming in 2019, every training program will be turned into an interactive mobile experience. That’s right we’ll be transforming all these programs into a rugby training app. You can get them soon in the iOS and Google Play app stores. 

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