Cognitive enhancement for rugby players. 80 Brain is a potent nootropic that targets memory and focus on the rugby field.

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80 Brain

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Rugby is a thinking-person’s game. There’s so much going on, that even professionals can start feeling confused on the rugby field. Ruck Science created 80 Brain to keep your head clear and your mind calm even in the heat of battle. Anyone playing rugby without this complete, balanced nootropic is playing at a mental disadvantage, especially when fatigue sets in.


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We’ve been testing different 80 Brain formulas for about 9 months now. In that time we’ve also been measuring and comparing results to determine the best protocol for using cognitive nootropics. Here’s what we’ve learned since using 80 Brain ourselves:

Before Rugby Training

It’s best to get the nootropic into your system at least 20 minutes before training. Cognitive supplements will last well over 80 minutes in health person’s body, so don’t be worried about needing to top-up during training or at half time in a game. We suggest taking it with about 500ml of water. Staying hydrated is essential. If you’re getting a bit parched bro, then no volume of cognitive enhancement is going to help. Your brain needs water. Do that first and then start working on your nootropic protocol.

Before Rugby Games

Same kind of deal. Except we actually suggest using slightly less (about a half dose) of the nootropic during rugby games. Training is where you really need to be committing things to memory, games are where you’ll be bring that info back. It’s the storage of the information that’s the most difficult for your brain. We suggest focusing on training as much as possible. The effects will show themselves on Saturday if you’re doing the work during the week.

At the Gym

You can definitely take a cognitive enhancer while you’re at the gym, but we don’t actually recommend this for the majority of rugby players. If you’ve somehow gotten lost and you’re actually looking for a pre-workout or performance supplement to assist with strength development, head back over to the collections page. Why don’t you need a cognitive enhancer for going to the gym?

Mostly because your brain isn’t taking in a lot of new information. Yes, you’re exerting yourself physically, but there’s no plays to learn or calls to remember. Will it help? Sure, your focus will improve, but you can get the same effect from a caffeine-based gym supplement too.

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We are committed to providing the cleanest supplements on the market. That's why none of our new supplements (including 80 Brain) will contain proprietary blends. The new 80 Brain formula will be released in August of 2017. But in the mean time,  know your supplements and let's help keep rugby clean

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