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Ruck Recovery Pro

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Our new recovery stack is the result of 3 years experimenting with fuel for post-rugby recovery. Using these three supplements in combination provides the fuel, hydration and circulation benefits we all need to minimize our recovery time. 

USAGE: take Post-Rugby right after your game, Rugby Whey an hour later and No2 Max before bed + the next morning. Can’t go wrong!


10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice!


Towards the end of a rugby game, when your muscle glycogen is depleted, athletic performance starts to decline. You glance at the bench, hoping there’s a fresh option to replace you. The feeling of having emptied the tank with 15 mins still on the clock is the worst. But Ruck Science has the solution. No2 Max is a potent nitric oxide booster designed to give you abundant energy on the rugby field so you can go a full 80 without feeling like a passenger.


Niku Kruger

USA Eagles, Glendale Raptors

Why circulation matters

The obvious addition to our Ruck Recovery stack is a nitric oxide booster. Why? Because L-Arginine-based supplements like our No2 Max formula are metabolized to produce nitric oxide (No2). This happens in a similar way to how to body processes nitrate powders. As the concentration of nitric oxide in the body increases, rugby players may see an increase in endurance through greater oxygen carrying capacity. This potential circulatory benefit may deliver on-field performance gains, and may also decrease recovery time after your rugby game has finished. 

Using No2 Max for recovery

In an ideal world, we would recommend taking 3 No2 Max capsules about thirty minutes before your rugby game starts. But if you decide to use the formula exclusively after games, take your three capsules with about 12oz of water immediately after your game. Like, as soon as you get into the dressing rooms


For years, we’ve been looking for the perfect nutritional supplement for rugby players to use after games and training. Since we couldn’t find it, we made it ourselves! Our post-rugby formula combines branch-chain amino acids, creatine and electrolytes. Everything you need to refuel after a rugby game and accelerate the recovery process after gym sessions as well.


Vince Jobo

New Orleans Gold

Why hydration matters

During an 80-minutes rugby game, your body is going to expel a huge amount of fluid trying to keep cool. During that process, it’s also going to be eliminating electrolytes from your muscles which may reduce your cramp threshold frequency (CTF). At the end of a rugby game, it’s critical to give your muscles back those electrolytes. Post-rugby is the way to do that. The formula includes Sodium, Potassium and Vitamin B5, all of which are critical components of proper cell function. 

Using Post-Rugby for recovery

Let’s assume you’ve got your 3 No2 Max capsules ready to go. Rather than using 12oz of water, it’s preferable to down them with 12oz of water, infused with a single serving of Post-Rugby. This gives your body electrolytes, amino acids and creatine. All that’s left is to give it the fuel to repair muscle fibers, protein. 


Without a potent whey protein supplement, rugby players often spend Sundays on their backs, begging their partners to bring over some water. A single scoop of Rugby Whey after your game and another the next morning will get you to Sunday brunch and beyond. Go from brittle new guy to athletic stud by fueling up on Rugby Whey after gym sessions, training and rugby games.


Riekert Hattingh

Seattle Seawolves

Why fuel matters

Recovering from a rugby game requires three primary building blocks: electrolytes, amino acids and protein. We’ve already covered the first two. But while electrolytes and amino acids are good, you also need to give your body the building blocks of muscle repair. Whey protein is widely used by athletes of all sorts after gym and sprint sessions to help build lean muscle mass. That’s why it forms a critical component of our ruck Recovery (Pro) supplement stack. 

Using Rugby Whey for recovery

The hours after a rugby game are some of most important, not just for recovery but also for building lean muscle. Your body is craving high-quality sources of protein to repair muscle fibers. So if getting bigger is a priority, take advantage of this window by using a heaped scoop of Rugby Whey within 30 mins of completion of your game. 


We are committed to providing the cleanest supplements on the market. That’s why none of our new supplement formulas will contain proprietary blends of any kind. The formula in No2 Max will be updated in Sept, 2018. Until then, know your supplements and let’s help keep rugby clean.

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