A potent pre-workout powder. Boost your energy levels without the crash. Ideal for use during rugby games and training. 

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Twitch Faster

4.73 out of 5 based on 41 customer ratings
(39 customer reviews)

We created Twitch Faster to be the perfect pre-workout for rugby players. It’s a potent, Vitamin-based supplement designed to give you focus and natural energy. Ruggers across the country agree that Twitch Faster is the difference between dreading workouts and loving training. The most common feedback is I love that it doesn’t give me the jitters.


10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice!

Why rugby players need a pre-workout

Simply put, rugby is a tough game that demands your 100% attention. Being lackadaisical and unfocused is the fastest way to get yourself injured. To perform at your peak, extend your cardio range and avoid injuries, you need to be mentally sharp and attentive throughout training and games.

So how do you do that?

As amateur players, we have many other concerns in our lives that can be distracting during training. You’ve had a tough week, you’re thinking about work stuff and you just can’t get focused. Sound familiar? We’ve been there. Pre-workout supplements like Ruck Science’s Twitch Faster can give you the clarity you need to put aside those distractions.


The new Twitch Faster formula contains no proprietary blends. That’s right, we’ve done away with secret formulas and made every ingredient in our pre-workout powder completely transparent. Why? Because, like you, we want to keep rugby clean while providing the absolute best pre-workout powder for rugby players. We’ve worked closely with the world’s best ruggers to create our formulas. Twitch Faster was inspired by:

Chris Baumann

International Tight Head Prop


If you’re not familiar with pre-workouts supplements, we highly recommend reading this section before using Twitch Faster. For amateur rugby players in particular, we suggest the following protocol:

Before Rugby Training

Our pre-workout formula is best taken with 500ml of water in a shaker about 15mins before rugby training. While some people can shoot it straight, without fluids at all, we don’t recommend this. You’ll need your fluid levels high for rugby training. 500ml is more than most shakers hold. That’s intentional. We want you to take on a tonne of fluids with your pre-workout.

Improving your skill set is a critical component of becoming a better rugby player. Unfortunately, its hard to do this if you’re all hyped up on sugar and caffeine. For rugby training, we suggest taking a half scoop of pre-workout only. Especially if your session is in the evening.

Before Rugby Games

This is where you can step-up your intake a bit. Rugby training doesn’t really proceed at 100% of your max energy output. But during games, you need all that and more. The ideal protocol is to have 1 heaped scoop about 10mins before kick-off time. This gives you enough to last the 80mins comfortably without giving you the jitters before you step on the pitch. You should also consider some sugar at half time.

Before Hitting the Gym

Again, thinking about injury prevention for a second, taking too much pre-workout isn’t what you’re looking for. To maximize your strength output in the weight room, our rugby pre-workout is going to help you for sure. But don’t go crazy. During daytime gym sessions use a full scoop OR at night use a half scoop. Nobody likes the dude in the corner screaming as he does his ORM dead lift.

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4.73 out of 5 stars

39 reviews

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  1. Danny Phillips

    3 out of 5
    Pretty Good Experience

    Danny Phillips

    I thought that the pre-workout was pretty good. I have a high tolerance so I was two-scooping it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the fruit punch flavor. To me it has a very medicinal taste to it. Other than that I thought it was good. Had good kick, didn’t get all tingly, and felt it all the way through my workout.

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  2. Bill

    3 out of 5
    Good Product but Got really clumpy


    Really liked the product, but “lost” almost a third of it because it became clumpy and almost rock solid.

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We are committed to providing the cleanest supplements on the market. That's why none of our new supplement formulas contain proprietary blends of any kind. Know your supplements and stacks and help Ruck Science to keep rugby clean.

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