6 superset sessions for rugby-focused strength

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How do you build strength in your off-season rugby training? These six superset training sessions are designed to help amateur rugby players build strength in the off season without risking injury during their training.

How does it help you?

  • 90min superset workouts
  • Off season rugby-focused lifts
  • Build strength and prevent injury

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This eBook contains training programs designed for rugby players to develop off-season strength. Each of these superset sessions is based on the principles of gymnastic strength and low-rep strength training protocols used by athletes like Charles Poliquin, Pavel Tsatsouline and Christopher Sommer. They are intended for experienced athletes with a moderate to advanced background in gym training and should not be attempted by novices or beginners.

Audience: you want to get stronger during the rugby off-season

Situation: you’ve been training pretty hard but you’ve hit a plateau

Reason: you’re likely not doing enough quality reps

Solution: low intensity, high volume, strength-focused training

Degree of difficulty: 8/10

NOTE: if you are a less-experienced weight lifter who is considering taking on this program, please skip to page 21 for notes on adapting these sessions to your needs.

WARNING ...for less-experienced lifters The workouts contained in this eBook are designed for intermediate to advanced weight lifters. Doing 90 repetitions of any exercise at around 70% of your 1RM is going to require a base level of strength that most beginners have yet to develop.

But if you are less experienced, you can easily modify these workouts to produce fantastic and most importantly low-risk results by shortening the length of each session.

Instead of doing 30 sets of 3 on 3 mins. Do 20 sets or even as few as 15 sets. Our product testing team is currently running a test group of athletes beginning at 15 sets and working up to 30. There’s no reason you need to start at the high end of this range. 15 sets of 3 is more than enough volume to produce results for beginners.

The key thing to remember is that you always want to avoid failure. The final rep of each set should not be a struggle. If it is, you’re doing either too many reps OR (more likely) you’re pushing too much weight. Reduce the load and work within your limits. Working to failure within a set is going to extend your recovery time, meaning that you won’t have recovered before your next set begins. Aim for more sets, not more reps within each set.