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Towards the end of a rugby game, when your muscle glycogen is depleted, athletic performance starts to decline. You glance at the bench, hoping there’s a fresh option to replace you. The feeling of having emptied the tank with 15 mins still on the clock is the worst. But Ruck Science has the solution. No2 Max is a potent blend of branch chain amino acids. Designed to give you abundant energy on the rugby field so you can go a full 80 without feeling like a passenger.

This L-Arginine-based endurance supplement provides circulatory benefits that may deliver nitric oxide to your muscles and keep you performing at a higher intensity for longer. In rugby, this can be the difference between riding the bench or being in the starting 15 each week. Go from super-sub to 80 minute warrior with Ruck Science’s unique BCAA capsules.

How does it help you?

  • increases your blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity
  • run, tackle and ruck harder for longer
  • deliver energy to your extremities during rugby games

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

How can a BCAA supplement help you as a rugby player?

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) have a long list of health benefits that rugby players can take advantage of. Our formula, No2 Max, includes a complex blend of l-arginine that can increase your body’s oxygen-carrying capacity. Taking formulas like No2 Max has the potential to improve your VO2 Max threshold, strength and post-game recovery times. What will you do with all that extra endurance? Paint the house? Probably not. But you’ll get a few extra sets in at the gym, so that’s always good.

    BCAAs, Rugby & Cognitive Function

    BCAAs aren’t just for your body though. Studies by the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology using the Stroop Color and Word Test (CWT) have shown that using BCAAs during activity can actually improve cognitive performance as well. BCAAs aren’t typically thought of as a brain supplement, but these tests show that taking No2 Max during rugby training or games can provide both mental and physical performance improvements.

    BCAAs, Rugby Training & Strength

    Studies published by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition confirm that BCAAs have been shown to improve muscle function, reduce muscle soreness, and decrease the plasma levels of intramuscular enzymes, such as creatine kinase. If this is the first time you’re hearing about the weight training benefits of BCAAs, there are some great papers to read through on

    Strength Training Resources

    When used correctly, No2 Max is the only BCAA rugby players will ever need. But it’s no substitute for hard work. Depending on the kind of training you’re comfortable with, there are many different options for strength training. To help you decide, we highly recommend checking out and – they’re both excellent resources for developing a strength program. If you’re looking for downloadable resources, head over to the resources section of our online store, which has a stack of free eBooks that you can download and use.

    How to use our BCAA rugby supplement

    L-Arginine, the active branch-chain amino acid in our No2 Max blend has been widely studied over the past 15 years for its potential endurance benefits. The main thing to understand about L-Arginine is that in some athletes, it may be metabolized to produce greater levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood. Increased concentration of Nitric Oxide provides circulatory benefits which have long been sought after by endurance athletes like ultra-marathoners and cyclists. We believe that rugby players can utilize our No2 Max to achieve greater levels of endurance during rugby games and training. But there are also a range of recovery benefits linked to better circulation. For more on this, nav over to the L-Arginine Research page.

    No2 Max for Rugby Training

    Because most Tuesday and Thursday rugby training sessions last at least 90 minutes, some rugby players could benefit from using No2 Max before rugby training starts. If you're going to use our BCAA rugby supplement on training days, we suggest taking 2 tablets about 30 minutes before training and then another tablet immediately after training. If you're a bigger player, you might need to up this dosage slightly.

    No2 Max for Rugby Games

    Increasing Nitric Oxide concentration in the blood should be a primary aim for endurance and high-intensity athletes alike. During rugby games, increased No2 levels provides for more efficient oxygen-carrying capacity. This means you can perform the same amount of work with less energy. We recommend using the same protocol for rugby games as for rugby training. Take 2 tablets, 30 minutes before your rugby game starts and at least 1 tablet immediately after you get off the rugby pitch.

    No2 Max for Recovery

    When we created our Ruck Recovery package, we made sure to include our BCAA rugby supplement. Why? Because the circulatory benefits of increased Nitric Oxide in the blood might reduce recovery times in rugby players. We suggest taking at least one tablet after any endurance activities in addition to following rugby games.

    No2 Max for Circulation

    There are several notable 'side-effects' if you will of improving your circulation and the NO concentration in your blood. Primarily, its really good for your heart. But secondly, some customers have reported an increase in libido. We don't endorse the use of No2 Max for this purpose, but it doesn't sound like the worst side-effect.

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