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Why physical conditioning? Because it is very complex in nature and a large body of information needed to be discussed in detail. Physical training represents the foundation of all other elements of the game.

To improve your chances of winning you must be properly trained; winning comes naturally only to well-trained teams! Therefore, we’ll discuss in detail all the elements of conditioning and show you the road you need to travel in order to train your players to reach the highest level of physical competency ever.

How does it help you?

  • fundamentals of strength and conditioning
  • learn why conditioning is essential
  • detailed, feature-rich programs

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Background on Bok Smart - physical conditioning for rugby

The research team at the University of CapeTown has blessed us with perhaps the most definitive work on physical conditioning for rugby we've ever come across. Using dozens of athletes in the high-performance programs in South African rugby, the researchers tested a wide variety of physical attributes against a panel of training protocols during 2009-2010.

The result is Bok Smart, a wonderful companion for anyone who is learning to play rugby and wants to incorporate the best possible sport-specific training into their workout routines. Pay particular attention to the sections on cardio training for rugby and the diet tips. A lot of the principles are similar to those used in the All Blacks diet.

Our favorite chapters were those that mentioned training for rugby players under the age of 18, since this is a very important stage in the physical development for a player. There's no a lot of stuff on the use of supplements or rugby pre-workouts. But other iterations of the manual may include these sections. 

Resistance training instructions

Resistance training sessions are prescribed for the length of the off-, pre- and in-season periods. Each specific workout is defined in the specific workout and conditioning programs section, and each exercise mentioned is described within the exercise description section.

Resistance training status (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Before the resistance training programs are assigned, players should be classified into either beginner, intermediate or advanced according to their resistance training experience (see Table 2). Once beginners have completed the 8 week preparatory period (i.e. 8 weeks of the beginner programs outlined for the off-season period), they may advance onto the intermediate program. A beginner starting resistance training in the pre- or in-season should always perform the first 8 weeks of the off-season period before starting the intermediate program. If this beginner off-season program is followed in the in-season players may eliminate the circuit and fitness conditioning.

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