Foam Rolling for Rugby

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Players are now more aware of their bodies and the need to take care and prep for the season both in the gym, with stretching and with the help of therapists. The use of foam rolling in Rugby is even more prevalent now, with media coverage of England teams and Saracens using it with their players in the dressing rooms and in training.

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  • Pre – Gen Preparation for Training and Competition.
  • Re gen: Cool Down
  • Foam Rolling Techniques for Rugby

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Rugby is a physically demanding sport with varied fitness attributes required throughout the game. Players need to have the ability to accelerate and sprint at maximal pace for short periods whilst maintaining a fast striding pace for the duration of the average move. Players need to have the ability to recover quickly in order to repeat not just acceleration but also being able to jump and change direction all whilst using the upper body muscles for passing and during contact with other players.

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This eBook, created by our friends at Triggerpoint therapy is a perfect companion for anyone using a Foam Roller, Stick Roller or Cold Roller as part of their recovery tools

The physicality of the sport can lead to injuries through the demands placed on the body but also from impact injuries such as AC joint separations, shoulder dislocations and contusions, along with hamstring strains and ankle sprains due to bursts of speed and rapid changes in direction.

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