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Feeling spent on the field with 20mins left is about the worst feeling a rugby player can have. You start becoming sluggish, your head goes down and you meander between rucks looking to hide from the action. This happens because oxygen simply isn’t getting to your muscles. BeetElite solves the endurance problem.

This concentrated nitrate powder delivers a potent Nitric Oxide boost that has been shown to improve oxygen circulation in athletes of all kinds. BeetElite can give rugby players greater endurance during games and leave you feeling naturally energized even during a match.

Without BeetElite, rugby players are the mercy of their cardio training. Forget that. A single scoop of BeetElite can provide the natural energy contained in 6 whole Beets. Go from bench-player to 80-minute man by using SuperBeets to supplement your nutrition.

How does it help you?

  • Provides a natural energy boost without caffeine
  • Increases stamina through improved circulation
  • Extend your exercise endurance with a single scoop

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

Benefits of Nitrate Powder

Beets are one of the few primary sources of dietary nitrates. When ingested, our body converts nitrates to nitrous oxide. There are many health benefits of having higher levels of nitric oxide in your blood. Scientific research shows that nitric oxide may help to support:

  • healthy circulation
  • healthy blood pressure levels
  • improved natural energy and stamina
  • extended exercise endurance

Nitrate Powder & Rugby Players

The Ruck Science product testing group has been testing various exogenous nitrate powder supplements over the past 12 months. We've found that BeetElite is the best natural nitrate powder supplement on the market. Our test subjects reported higher energy levels, increased cardio-vascular endurance and less fatigue during rugby training sessions when using the concentrated BeetElite powder.

Just one teaspoon of BeetElite contains the nitric oxide capacity equivalent to 3 whole beets – without the hassle, without the mess, and without the earthy taste. The body naturally produces nitric oxide, but recent studies show that N-O production can be increased by the consumption of dietary nitrates supplements like SuperBeets.

Harvesting BeetElite

Each canister of BeetElite contains 30 5-gram servings of beetroot crystals. The concentrated crystals quickly dissolve into 4 oz of water to create a pleasant, tangy, raspberry-flavored shot. Each serving of SuperBeets costs just a fraction of bottled beet juice or fresh beets.

The rigorous growing standards that our partner, Neogenis, uses means that harvested beets have the highest concentration of dietary nitrites. They use only non-GMO beets grown from carefully selected seed. The beets are grown locally in rich, carefully-cultivated soil. The drying process conserves more nutritional value in each crystal of nitrate powder compared to less effective freeze drying techniques.

Research on Nitrate Supplementation

Dietary nitrate reduces muscle metabolic perturbation and improves exercise tolerance in hypoxia

    Use SuperBeets for maximum rugby performance

    SuperBeets and 15s Rugby

    The 15-a-side game is all about endurance. Yes, strength and stamina are important. But ultimately, you want to be able to perform at or near your peak for a full 80 minute rugby game. That's the dream. We've been using SuperBeets since the summer of 2015. Since then, we've done numerous tests on the timing of your intake as well as the prolonged effects.

    To sum up all that research, we suggest you take SuperBeets at least 20minutes before your rugby training or rugby game starts. We brought this time down to ten minutes but then realized that your body probably needs longer than this to get your circulation really going. Interestingly, the more cardio fitness our testing group had, the sooner they felt the benefits. So if you're a beep test stud you can probably cut down your time before taking SuperBeets a little bit.

    SuperBeets and 7s Rugby

    Now we're talking! SuperBeets is without a doubt the best nutritional supplement we've found for 7s players. Especially amateur 7s players. During the course of a full day or even two day 7s tournament, you're going to have fluctuating levels of energy linked to your caloric intake. It's impossible to not eat during a tournament. But to stay in top shape all day, you should probably stay away from complex proteins, grains and most importantly caffeine. Coffees and energy rinks are a real killer on 7s day. Yes, you'll get up Up UP for your first and second games, but by 3pm with the finals looming, you're going to crash and need to sleep. Caffeine-free nitrate supplementation is the answer.

    We recommend taking just a half a scoop of SuperBeets about 20-30 minutes before each of your 7s games during the tournament. You won't suffer from caffeine withdrawals and you'll recover from the exertion faster than without a nitrate supplement.

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