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Developed to support fitness, BeetElite is a pre-workout formula that delivers the Nitric Oxide equivalent of 6 whole beets. Rugby players of all levels can now harness the power of BeetElite to help promote improved natural energy, stamina, and extended endurance.

We believe BeetElite lends itself perfectly to the nutritional needs of Rugby7s players during a daily tournament. No caffeine, no come-down. Just a Nitric Oxide boost when you need it.

How does it help you?

  • Mixes easily and absorbed fast
  • Improves endurance through Nitric Oxide synthesis
  • Reduces recovery times

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

Why BeetElite Works for Rugby Players

It’s absorbed quickly

When your goal is peak performance, timing matters. The patented BeetElite formula delivers the nitric oxide boost rugby players need up to three times faster than plain beet juice or fresh beets. BeetElite starts working in as little as 15 minutes—no need to plan ahead by an hour or more before you get to the pitch. In fact, you can drink Beet Elite in the dressing room before a game or in the car on the way to rugby training.

Convenience at rugby tournaments

No need to eat volumes of beets or chug bottles of beet juice before a rugby 7s competition. The concentrated powder delivers the N-O boosting benefits of beet juice in one small shot. No need to eat a full meal or try to time your caloric intake between rugby games. BeetElite lets you maximize your athletic performance completely caffeine-free. So there’s no come-down that could negatively affect your next game. We suggest using BeetElite and SuperBeets as part of a healthy nutrition strategy for rugby 7s tournaments

It tastes friggin great

Most people don’t care for the taste of beet juice. Even mixed with other juiced fruits and vegetables, the flavor can be strong and unpleasant. The BeetElite drying process strips away the mustiness, leaving behind a mild raspberry flavor. (For an even sweeter taste, try our new black cherry flavor, too.)

It's pure, clean, and vegan

Only four ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, either. After all, if you care enough about playing rugby at a high level to include beet juice, shouldn’t we care enough to make it safe?

Research on beets for athletic performance

Use BeetElite for maximum rugby performance

BeetElite and 15s Rugby

The 15-a-side game is all about endurance. Yes, strength and stamina are important. But ultimately, you want to be able to perform at or near your peak for a full 80 minute rugby game. That's the dream. We've been using BeetElite since the summer of 2015. Since then, we've done numerous tests on the timing of your intake as well as the prolonged effects. To sum up all that research, we suggest you take BeetElite at least 20minutes before your rugby training or rugby game starts. We brought this time down to ten minutes but then realized that your body probably needs longer than this to get your circulation really going. Interestingly, the more cardio fitness our testing group had, the sooner they felt the benefits. So if you're a beep test stud you can probably cut down your time before taking BeetElite a little bit.

BeetElite and 7s Rugby

Now we're talking! BeetElite is without a doubt the best nutritional supplement we've found for 7s players. Especially amateur 7s players. During the course of a full day or even two day 7s tournament, you're going to have fluctuating levels of energy linked to your caloric intake. It's impossible to not eat during a tournament. But to stay in top shape all day, you should probably stay away from complex proteins, grains and most importantly caffeine. Coffees and energy drinks are a real killer on 7s day. Yes, using a pre-workout supplement will get you up for your first and second games, but by 3pm with the finals looming, you're going to crash and need to sleep. Caffeine-free nitrate supplementation is the answer. We recommend taking just a half a scoop of BeetElite about 20-30 minutes before each of your 7s games during the tournament. You won't suffer from caffeine withdrawals and you'll recover from the exertion faster than without a nitrate supplement.

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