Practical Nutrition for Rugby Players

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The best food choices may not make a champion out of a rugby player with no talent, but an inadequate diet can certainly prevent a talented player from reaching optimal training and performance levels. Nutrition plays a vital role throughout training, as well as before, during and after matches.

The diet needs to be structured and periodized to support the physical demands of training and matches, by providing appropriate amounts of the necessary nutrients at the right times.

How does it help you?

  • read about the balance between carbs, protein and fats
  • learn how to hydrate before, during and after games
  • get practical approaches to alcohol

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Typical nutrition challenges faced by rugby players include achieving body composition goals for specific positions of play; meeting additional energy (carbohydrate and protein) demands; organizing a practical and economical nutrition plan while juggling work or study and training commitments; and keeping to a nutrition program whilst traveling with the team, and/or making appropriate adjustments in a very limited off season, and/or when injured.

This eBook will discuss some of the practical issues about food, supplements and drugs that rugby players may encounter. Throughout the discussion branded food products are used as examples. It should be noted that these are merely examples and are certainly not an endorsement of these products in particular.