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Want to try our rugby-focused pre-workout for FREE? Yes, that's right you can now get 5 servings of Twitch Faster 100% free. We even pay the shipping when you use code SHIPMYSTACK!

We created Twitch Faster, to be the ultimate pre-workout for rugby players. A potent, Vitamin-based powder designed to give you focus and natural energy. Twitch Faster is the difference between dreading workouts and loving training. Take a scoop before rugby training and games to perform strength movements faster and impose your will on the opposition.

How does it help you?

  • Raise your lactate threshold and strength outputs
  • Increase energy levels and intensity
  • Maximize focus during rugby games and training

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

Why do rugby players need a pre-workout supplement?

Simply put, rugby is a tough game that demands your 100% attention. Being lackadaisical and unfocused is the fastest way to get yourself injured. To perform at your peak, extend your cardio range and avoid injuries, you need to be mentally sharp and attentive throughout training and games. So how do you do that? As amateur players, we have many other concerns in our lives that can be distracting during training. You’ve had a tough week, you’re thinking about work stuff and you just can’t get focused. Sound familiar? We’ve been there. Pre-workout supplements like Ruck Science’s Twitch Faster can give you the clarity you need to put aside those distractions.

The formula contained in Twitch Faster, our pre-workout supplement for rugby players can help you:

  • focus under pressure
  • maintain increased strength outputs
  • eliminate internal distractions

Can pre-workout supplements work for injury prevention in rugby?

Even the best rugby players in the world get injured at training. A report released earlier this year by the English rugby union showed that the average training injury at a professional level will put a player out for 25 days. That’s as many as 4 games and 10 training sessions missed through training-related rugby injuries. Amateur rugby players have all the same risks as professionals, without the time and resources to treat said injuries.

Let’s be clear, pre-workout supplements are not a verified way to prevent injury. Twitch Faster™ and comparable products can’t stop you rolling your ankle. But increasing your focus and strength while reducing distractions can have clear benefits on the training pitch.

How we developed the Twitch Faster formula

We always intended for Twitch Faster to be taken in conjunction with our cognitive enhancer during training sessions and our endurance supplement during rugby games. Therefore, it was critical for us to test our protocols for their best possible combination. Much of our testing was derived from a key study into the pre-workout habits of professional basketball players using comparisons between blood measures, sprint times and salivary hormone levels.

For a complete picture of why we built Twitch Faster™ with its current formula, check out this research paper which is a brilliant piece of research on pre-workout supplementation and nutrition. The study focused on how key performance indicators (KPIs) are impacted by pre-workout supplementation for athletic performances up to 80 minutes in length. This, among many other reasons, makes the study’s conclusions particularly applicable to the game of rugby. For more on L-citrulline specifically, take a read of our ingredient deep dive "How L-citrulline can improve your rugby performance."

How to use Twitch Faster – the pre-workout for rugby

If you've never used a rugby pre workout supplement before, this section will go into detail on how to structure your usage to achieve the best possible results. We refer to this in the rest of the site as our rugby pre workout protocol. You're welcome to ahead and use How to use Twitch Faster as you would any other pre-workout supplement. But for those amateur rugby players who have not used pre-workouts before, we suggest your follow the protocol below.

Before Rugby Training

Twitch Faster is the perfect training companion. The pre-workout powder you'll find here is best taken with about 500ml of water in a shaker about 15 minutes before your rugby training starts. Don't just shovel the powder into your mouth. It probably won't taste great. But more importantly, you need your fluid levels high for rugby training. 500ml is actually more water than most bottles hold. That's intentional. We want you to take on a tonne of fluids with your pre-workout supplement. Keep in mind that you really don't want to overdo your use of a pre-workout before rugby.

Rugby training should be a time to learn. Improving your skill set is a critical component of becoming a better rugby player. Unfortunately, its hard to do this if you're all hyped up on sugar and caffeine. We do suggest using a single scoop of Twitch Faster™ (perhaps slightly more depending on your body type) but don't under any circumstances taken more than two scoops. Me personally? I'm 6'2'' and 215 and I use about 3/4 of a scoop before training. More than that and its starts to mess with my heart rate.

Before Rugby Games

This is where you can step-up your intake a bit. Rugby training doesn't really proceed at 100% of your max energy. But during games, you need all that and more. The ideal protocol is to have 1.5 scoops about 10 mins before kick-off time. This gives you enough to last the 80mins comfortably without giving you the jitters before you step on the pitch.

Before Hitting the Gym

Again, thinking about injury prevention for a second, taking too much pre-workout isn't what you're looking for. To maximize your strength output in the weight room, our rugby pre-workout is going to help you for sure. But don't go crazy, ok? Nobody likes the dude in the corner screaming as he does his ORM dead lift.

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