Protein recommendations for promoting hypertrophy

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The world of protein nutrition continues to rapidly evolve. As a result, guidelines on protein recommendations for athletes are regularly being updated and re ned. This article focuses on recent developments regarding protein recommendations for promoting muscle hypertrophy.

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  • learn how much dietary protein athletes should consume
  • find out the optimal dose of protein required in a single meal
  • see how protein effects amino acids

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The current guidelines on protein intakes for athletes range from 1.2-1.7 grams per kilogram body mass per day (Rodriguez et al., 2009). However, we believe that guidelines on protein recommendations for promoting muscle hypertrophy are more complex than simply recommending a daily total protein intake (Tipton & Witard, 2007).

A primary driver of muscle hypertrophy is the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis (MPS) during exercise recovery. The interplay between several factors - including the source, pattern and timing of dietary protein intake - regulate the postprandial (after feeding) stimulation of MPS during exercise recovery that, over time, underpins muscle hypertrophy (Tipton & Witard, 2007). As such, guidelines that consider each factor, or better still the interaction between these factors, will provide a more evidence-based approach to making more precise protein recommendations for athletes.