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Are you ready to physically dominate on the rugby field? It’s time to Ruck Harder with our strength supplement package. A combination of the Ruck Science pre-workout and BCAA supplements designed to simultaneously boost your V02 threshold and energy efficiency.

Be sure to review the instructions tab on this page for details on how best to combine these two supplements for maximum physical performance. For more tips on reaching your physical peak, checkout the Ruck Science blog. In it, you’ll find a bunch of hacks to help you run, tackle and ruck harder.

How does it help you?

  • Maximize strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Ruck harder and longer

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

Ruck Harder - our strength supplement package

Stronger rugby players are better rugby players. Ruck Science has combined two of our best performance supplements to give you Ruck Harder. This strength supplement package combines high-potency BCAAs (No2 Max™) with our delicious pre-workout powder (Twitch Faster™). Checkout the usage tab for more information on how to combine the two products as part of a pre-game protocol.

Why it's important to Ruck Harder

Strength is a crucial component of elite athletic performance. Whether you're a little fast guy or a big tough guy, the stronger you are, the better you can do your job on the rugby field. Stronger props are better scrummagers. Stronger fullbacks are better kickers. Stronger halfbacks are better tacklers. It's just that simple. For more information about how strength impacts speed, checkout the excellent blog by power lifting expert Pavel Tsatsouline of Strong First.

Multiple supplements for gains in strength

Why is it important to combine a pre-workout powder with a BCAA supplement? Most amateur athletes will know that pre-workout powders are designed to give you a short-term boost in energy. But they will also increase your heart rate in the process. This makes them a perfect partner for high-potency BCAA supplements which increase your oxygen carrying capacity. Combining the two means your body will circulate oxygen and nitrogen both faster and more efficiently. The result is an increase in your physical strength, power and endurance. All crucial advantages for a rugby player.

How to use this protocol to Ruck Harder

If you're reading this before purchasing Ruck Harder, we suggest heading over to the No2 Max™ and Twitch Faster™ product pages. These pages contain more specific information about the use of these supplements in isolation. The rest of this Usage section will focus on the protocol for combining No2 Max™ and Twitch Faster™ to maximize your physical performance during rugby training and games.

Ruck Harder at Training

Rugby training usually goes for about 2 hours. This will vary depending on your club and team, but we're basing our protocol on the fact that you'll be training for between 90 and 120 minutes. Because 80 Brain™ needs to be digested and absorbed into your bloodstream, its our recommendation that you take it before your pre-workout. So while you're probably tempted to mix your pre-workout and use it to wash down your brain supplement, try to resist this urge. Get your brain supplement down at least 20 mins before the start of training to give it time to settle.

With that done, we suggest taking 3/4 of a single cup of pre-workout mixed into 500ml of water at least 10-15 minutes before rugby training starts. If your sessions are slightly longer and you have a decent warm-up period, you could actually consider taking your pre-workout at the start of your warm-up. This will let it kick in during warm ups so that when you start drills, you're all set.

Ruck Harder during Games

This protocol is similar to training except for the timing. Obviously, you can't be drinking pre-workout as you run onto the field, because you want it to have already kicked in. So for games, make sure you take Twitch Faster™ when you're warming up.

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