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Our recovery stack is designed give you all the tools to recover faster from rugby games, training and gym sessions.

The package includes 2 lbs of our premium whey protein as well as 30 servings of No2 Max, our BCAA capsules. When used in combination, Rugby Whey and No2 Max can help to reduce muscle soreness after games and training. They’re also effective for off-season training, when you’re looking to add muscle mass. Checkout the Instruction tab below and follow the recovery protocols for best results using our recovery stack.

How does it help you?

  • repair muscle damage
  • reduce muscle soreness after games and training
  • build lean muscle mass

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

Ruck Recovery – faster recovery from rugby games

Recovering from a rugby game requires two primary things: fuel and circulation. Because of the physical nature of rugby, it's not enough to replace the fluids and carbohydrates you've burned up during your 80-minute match. You also need to give your body the building blocks of muscle repair. Whey protein is widely used by athletes of all sorts after gym and sprint sessions to help build lean muscle mass. For rugby player, whey protein is equally effective for replenishing your body after a rugby game. The Instructions tab has a whole host of details on how to combine our whey protein and L-arginine formulas into a match-winning recovery protocol. For physical recovery tools, head over to the lifestyle page where you'll find a range of tools for treating niggles and tweaks.

Why Recovery Matters

It's always tempting after a rugby game to head straight for the showers with a cold beer in hand. We're partial to that too. But keep in mind that the 30 minutes after you leave field are the most crucial for recovery. It's during this period that your heart rate is accelerated, your adrenaline is up and your body is thirsting for fuel. Physically, its the best time to replenish with foods that are going to help support muscle recovery. You want to do this before your heart rate slows and your liver starts breaking down the wrong fuel.

The limitations of Whey Protein alone

As we've mentioned, getting some high-quality whey protein is the perfect post-rugby recovery fuel. But in order for it to be absorbed quickly into your depleted muscles, you need to have good circulation. This is where using Rugby Whey™ in combination with No2 Max is such a game-changer. As l-arginine becomes nitric oxide, it provides a circulatory benefit that helps your body move nutrients through your blood stream. The faster you can get fuel to your muscles after a game of rugby, the faster you'll recover back to full strength.

How to recover faster from rugby games and training

Post-rugby nutrition is a critical step in fully preparing for your next rugby training or rugby game. You've read the why, now let's talk about the how. Before rugby training, we recommend taking 2 capsules of No2 Max. Research into L-Arginine shows that the circulatory benefits might promote endurance in high-intensity athletes which make it perfect for pre-rugby nutrition.

After rugby training, we recommend taking another capsule of No2 Max to ensure your circulation is maintained when you heart rate begins to fall. Within 30 minutes of coming off the rugby field, mix at least one, but preferably 2 scoops of whey protein into a protein shake or smoothie. Sip this mixture over the course of another 30 minutes. You don't need it all at the same time. In fact, you're better off ingesting it over a period over time.

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