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Ready to start training for rugby season? You're going to need some supplements. In particular, pre-workout to get you going in the gym and on the field + whey protein to speed up recovery and promote lean muscle development. The Ruck Training stack gives you both!

The training stack includes 30 servings of Rugby Whey (Vanilla OR Chocolate) and another 30 servings of Twitch Faster (fruit punch). That's enough for 2 months worth of training sessions. Get in the gym and start lifting, let your Ruck Science supplements take care of the rest.

How does it help you?

  • Energy for gym sessions
  • Protein for recovery after training
  • Maximize your training outputs

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

Ruck Training - rugby training supplement stack

Ruck training combines two of the most important nutritional supplements for rugby players in their pre-season strength and conditioning phase; Whey Protein and Pre-Workout. When used in combination, these supplements provide the fuel for adrenaline production, energy utilization and lean muscle development. Without them? You're at the mercy of your diet. 

Why supplement stacks matter in pre-season

During a pre-season training protocol, rugby players should be looking to build strength through gym training. Note, we did not say SIZE, we said STRENGTH. While rugby players will also get bigger during this time, they should not train to get bigger. Hypertrophy is not an essential training protocol for the modern rugby players. We are looking to build lean muscle mass and functional strength through the entire body. Pre-workout powders like Twitch Faster provide the adrenaline that athletes need to perform at their peak in the gym. If you only have an 8-12 week pre-season period in which to build strength, you need to get the most out of those sessions. Twitch Faster will help you focus on your training and give you the energy you need to maximize gains in strength. 

Recover, recover, recover

It's important to train as often as possible in pre-season. You need to acclimatize your body to the rigors of rugby again. Training often means recovering constantly. As soon as you're out of the gym, you need to give your body the fuel to repair muscle fibers so you can train again. Rugby Whey provides this fuel. It's a simple blend of vanilla whey protein that is designed to fuel lean muscle development. Please note that it does not contain creatine. While creatine will help you build size, Rugby Whey is designed to assist in repair of tissues after strength-based training.  

How to use the Ruck Training stack

If you're reading this before purchasing Ruck Training, we suggest heading over to the Rugby whey and Twitch Faster product pages. These pages contain more specific information about the use of these supplements in isolation. The rest of this Instructions tab will focus on the protocol for combining Rugby Whey™ and Twitch Faster to maximize the benefits of your pre-season rugby training.

Pre-Workout Usage

Please note that a single scoop of Twitch Faster contains 200mg of caffeine which is about half the recommended daily intake for an average sized American male. While most rugby players will be on the larger side, that does not mean you should consume significantly more caffeine than this limit allows for. When using Twitch Faster. we highly recommend limiting other sources of caffeine throughout the day. We also do not recommend using Twitch Faster within 4-5 hours of your standard bed time as it can mess with your sleeping patterning.

Whey Protein Usage

Rugby Whey is designed to give you the fuel to recover faster from gym training and rugby training sessions. It is not designed to build massive amounts of bulk in pre-season. Yes, it will assist with lean muscle development, but you are not going to put on weight (the good weight anyway) by shoveling Rugby Whey into your body. For best results, use this whey protein as part of a strict post-exercise regime that includes fluids and branch chain amino acids.

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