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Want to try all 4 of our nutritional supplements before you throw down for the full stack? Now you can with the Rugby Sample Stack. The sample stack comes packed with Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, BCAAs and our Cognitive Enhancer.

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10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

The Rugby Sample Stack

You asked for it, and we delivered! Introducing the rugby sample stack by Ruck Science. Now you can try all four of our nutritional supplements (designed for rugby players) before you throw down $89.00 for the full rugby supplement stack. The sample stack comes with more than 15 servings in total. More than enough to let you try our range of supplements before gym training, rugby training or rugby games.

Best off all, you get this awesome GoStack by Blender Bottle (usually valued at $13.00) completely FREE. Keep it. Fill it up again. Keep it for tournaments and take it on rugby tour. It's yours. Head over to the instructions Tab for more information on how to use the sample stack to get the most out of your samples.


Don't forget, as part of our sponsorship program up to 20% of every order made on is donated to the rugby club of your choice!

How to use our Rugby Sample Stack

If you’re trying to get a maximum benefit from using our nutritional products, head over to the instructions tab on the individual product page. For info on spacing out this sample stack effectively, read on.

The Bottom Stack

Rugby Whey™

Our vanilla-flavored whey protein is one of our most reviewed and most popular products. Unfortunately, due to the size of the GoStack by Blender Bottle, we can only fit two full servings into the bottle of the container. As a result, we suggest using one serving each after your weekly rugby training sessions. Or straight after the game if you're playing on Saturday. Whey Protein is an excellent tool for building lean muscle mass, but its also the best supplement to use after rugby games and training, to give your body the nutrients it needs to repair muscle damage sustained during your exertion.

The 2nd Bottom Stack

Twitch Faster™

Our pre-workout, Twitch Faster, is our most used product by professional rugby players. The Denver Stampede and USA Eagles are big fans. Chris Baumann, Brendan Rams, Ben Tarr and Niku Kruger among them.

Why is it so good? Twitch Faster has some real kick. It provides a solid dose of vitamins and caffeine designed to enhance short-term performance without the adrenal stress and lethargy that usually comes afterwards. Use it before rugby games and gym workouts, though we suggest you use just a half dose before evening rugby trainings, or if you're caffeine-sensitive, stay away altogether in the evenings and try Beet Elite instead. You've got 6 servings in the sample stack. This should last you a solid week.

The 2nd Top Stack

No2 Max™

Branch-chain amino acids are a critical component of muscle repair. They come naturally in various different foods like red meats. L-Arginine is one such amino acid that has been shown in several studies to positively effect circulation and endurance. L-Arginine, like Nitrate, is metabolized to produce N-O (nitric oxide) which facilitates dilation of the arteries and gives your body the ability to move oxygen around more efficiently. It also delays the onset of lactic acid production, which endurance athletes take advantage of in events that require significant output variances, like obstacles racing for example.

You can use No2 Max in a few different ways. We suggest trying it before a long cardio session to test the effect on your endurance. Also, straight after a rugby game to help prevent muscle soreness the next day. And finally take a tablet or 2 in the morning before you go to work, you should find yourself feeling more energized throughout the day.

The Top Stack

80 Brain™

Cognitive enhancement has yet to hit the rugby community full-steam. But its coming, believe us, its coming! With all the nuance of professional rugby training and competition, having a supplement that can increase mental clarity and memory recall is going to be the next wave in nutrition for rugby players. 80 Brain is the first cognitive enhancement product designed specifically for rugby players. This custom blend of natural ingredients doesn't have any of the negative side-effects of using a designer drug like Modafinil or Adderall. Instead, it relies on roots, herbs and amino acids found in all-natural ingredients.

80 Brain can be used at more than just rugby training and games, our team takes it daily to help with brain fog at work. Some of our users report significant benefits during University and Community College study periods. The sample stack comes with 5 servings of 80 Brain, enough to give you a good shot at it under different circumstances. Try it on a work day, before a tough gym session and before rugby training to get the full suite. Be sure to drink plenty of water and use in combination with the other supplements in the sample stack for best results.

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