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The physical demands of a rugby game or training will leave players with residual aches, pains and muscle soreness. But the recovery period after a game is also the best possible time to increase lean muscle mass though effective nutritional supplementation. Rugby Whey protein powder is designed to decrease your recovery time and leave you feeling fully recovered.

Without a potent whey protein supplement, rugby players often spend Sundays on their backs, begging their partners to bring over some water. A single scoop of Rugby Whey after your game and another the next morning will get you to Sunday brunch and beyond. Go from brittle new guy to athletic stud by fueling up on Rugby Whey after gym sessions, training and rugby games.

How does it help you?

  • decreases recovery time after rugby games and training
  • provides potent fuel for repairing muscle damage
  • best tasting vanilla whey protein powder

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more

How can whey protein help you as a rugby player?

In our opinion, rugby is the toughest sport in the world. Sure, the hits are bigger in American Football. Sure, the top soccer players probably run further in a game. But rugby requires the ultimate combination of strength, skill and endurance. Such an intense sport takes a toll on the body. The impacts, the functional movements, the speed and the variety is brutal on muscles. And that’s just during a rugby game. We haven’t even talked about the gym training and fitness sessions required to actually get you into game-day shape.

With all that going on, rugby players need a way to restore muscles to full working condition and if possible, make them better.

The product team at Ruck Science developed Rugby Whey to be the ideal whey protein for rugby players. Our Rugby Whey protein supplement powder will help your body:

  • repair muscle damage
  • recover faster from weight training
  • build lean muscle mass
  • store critical glycogen

Whey Protein vs. Solid Foods

You should absolutely be consuming both. Whey protein is NOT a substitute for a balanced diet high in simple carbohydrates, lean proteins and green vegetables. If anyone tries to tell you that whey protein can be used as a meal replacement, politely show them the door. But whey protein does have several advantages over solid foods when it comes to muscle repair and energy storage. It’s easy to transport in your rugby kit bag, consume as part of a shake, and it keeps for ages. This makes it a vital training partner and one that you should use regularly after gym sessions, rugby training and rugby games.

Why use our Rugby Whey protein

We’ve put the time in to researching how rugby players use a variety of supplements - including whey protein powders. Before training and games, our product team recommends using a BCAA formula and a pre-workout supplement, depending on your training goals. But your body needs help recovering as well. Rugby Whey is our custom formula that we believe best suits the needs of the amateur rugby player. The carbs are there, the amino acids are there and it's vanilla-flavored for easy mixing into combination shakes.

Register your club for sponsorship

If this is your first time visiting the Ruck Science website, firstly, thanks for joining us! Please remember up to 20% of all purchases with us are donated to your rugby club. For more information on the sponsorship program, or to register your club today, check out our sponsorship program details page.


For most of us, using whey protein has become second nature. But for those of you who haven't used a whey protein supplement as part of your rugby diet before, Ruck Science has developed the following protocol which we believe maximizes the benefits of using whey protein. For specific advice on how to incorporate Rugby Whey into your diet, please contact our product team. They can also give you information about how to use Rugby Whey in combination with other supplements like our cognitive enhancer, 80 Brain.

After Rugby Training

The biggest mistake we see amateur rugby players making after training is just jumping straight in their cars and driving home. But we're all busy people with places to be, so this seems to be the standard. If you can resist this urge to shoot off home, (maybe tell the Mrs that rugby finishes 15 minutes later than it really does) there's huge benefits to sticking around for a few minutes. We suggest you have a shaker in your kit bag ready to go. Grab it as soon as training finishes and then sip it over the next 15 minutes while you're stretching and cooling down. Your muscles will thank you. Try it now in our rugby training supplement stack.

After Rugby Games

As with training, its really tempting to not take care of yourself after a rugby game. The fans and family are out, the beer is cold, there's every excuse to just jump on the beers and forget that you need to wake up tomorrow. But delaying your post-match celebrations by 20 minutes can make all the difference. The best time to have your protein is while you're in the shower. A few quad stretches and air squats while you're sipping it is just the ticket. Try it now in our rugby recovery supplement stack.

After Hitting the Gym

This one should be pretty familiar. If you're trying improve as an amateur rugby player, you should absolutely be in the gym. A scoop of Rugby Whey protein after your squat session will help your muscles recover faster and build mass. Take as much as necessary, there's no wrong way to do it. But try to get it in within 30 minutes of your workout finishing.

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