Strength & Conditioning for Adolescent Rugby Players

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Strength training of the lower and upper body is a vital physical quality essential for rugby, in order to withstand internal and external forces associated with the game. It is strongly recommended that players achieve mastery of bodyweight strength training movements before progressing to programs incorporating the use of barbells and other external load implements.

The following pages provide the ARU movement screen and examples of strength training programs appropriate for rugby players at the introductory and learning levels of physical development.

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  • movement screen exercises and criteria
  • bodyweight strength and conditioning
  • 2 day/week strength program

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Players require an athletic and robust body in order to handle the demands of rugby. This will enable players to respond positively to high training loads and maintain an injury free body.

The ARU have developed a Long-term player development (LTPD) strength and conditioning curriculum to provide guidance to strength and conditioning coaches in the development and implementation of training programs for rugby players. The aim of this curriculum is to provide a pathway in athletic development for players from the introductory level through to the highest level of international competition.

Within this pathway, athletes progress through levels of development and stages of learning. Consideration of an athlete’s level of development is essential when developing and implementing strength and conditioning activities to ensure optimum development.