Strength Training for Rugby: General Preparation Phase

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The general preparation phase in relation to this article incorporate hypertrophy, strength and power development and will begin in early October and is completed by the end of February before the competitive season begins.

How does it help you?

  • understand athlete time constriants
  • optimise athletic performance while reducing risk of injury
  • address pre-season training in rugby union

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The purpose of this paper is to address pre-season training in rugby union, with the focus on weight training in the general preparation phase. The issues addressed include the manipulation of several key variables including frequency, intensity, volume and periodization in relation to the effectiveness of achieving specific training outcomes in the strength program. The goal is to optimize athletic performance while reducing risk of injury. The article addresses the conventional approach to periodization to solve program goals sequentially, encompassing 3 mesocycles including hypertrophy, strength and power.

The periodized plan is the most effective way to vary training stimulus and is an essential component of our training plan. Effective strength programs not only achieve physical performance benefits, but also contribute to reducing the risk of injury. The strength and conditioning coach needs to be aware of time constraints on their athletes and aim to ensure our programs are time efficient and practical whilst still achieving our program objectives.