TP Cold Roller

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The Cold Roller is the most advanced recovery tool on the market. Myofascial release and cold compression combine to provide the most effective recovery and the greatest rate of return.

How does it help you?

  • Stainless steel for deeper compression
  • Filled with cooling gel to create cold compression
  • Stays cold for up to three hours for continued relief

10% of every order is donated to the rugby club of your choice! find out more


What is a cold roller? Only the most advanced recovery and rehabilitation tool on the market. Get myofascial release through rolling on the cold hard surface and reduce swelling / inflammation at the same time. The cold roller is so good, you’ll almost want to miss the post-rugby match celebrations. The cold roller is a game changer for rugby players:

  • stainless steel for deeper compression
  • filled with cooling gel to create cold compression
  • stays cold for up to three hours for continued relief

Why we chose the TP cold roller for rugby players

Cold rollers combine the recovery benefits of myofascial release with cold compression. This can help maximize recovery of tired or tight muscles in the hours after a rugby game. The sturdy stainless steel is filled with a unique gel core that stays cold for up to 3 hours and features heavy duty polyurethane wheels that roll easily; use for glutes, quads and other muscle groups. If you’re a rugby player like us, you’ll probably have IT band problems from time to time. We find the cold roller highly effective for getting into the IT band.

Benefits of using a cold roller on rugby injuries

You’re playing rugby? Newsflash, you’re going to get hurt. The only thing you can really do about this is 1) have good insurance, and 2) use the best treatment products available. The Triggerpoint cold roller is a unique product that can give you the following treatment benefits:

  • convex shape allowing for greater specificity and intensity than a traditional foam roller
  • allows user to target quads, IT band, lower back, hamstrings, neck and other muscle groups
  • cold helps reduce soreness and lactic acid to enhance recovery
  • myofascial release helps increase muscular elasticity, reduces spasms and pain associated with tight muscles
  • stainless steel roller contains gel that remains effectively cold up to 3 hours; resists scratching
  • durable polyurethane wheels aid rolling


  • Place in freezer for two or more hours
  • Wipe down with warm washcloth to remove frost
  • Begin rolling with only light pressure to allow muscles to adjust
  • Roll continuously and do not stop and hold


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