Ruck Recovery (Pro)

Take your post-rugby recovery to the next level. The pro stack includes everything you need to get back on the training pitch come Tuesday.

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Ruck Recovery (Pro)

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The Pro version of our Ruck Recovery stack provides everything your body needs in the hours after a rugby game. This stack combines electrolytes, creatine, BCAAs and whey protein powder. Want to recover fast and avoid muscle soreness on Sunday morning? Ruck Recovery (Pro) is for you.




We suggest taking Post-Game right after your game, Rugby Whey an hour later and NOxide before bed – and if you want to get crazy – take NOxide the next morning as well. Can’t go wrong!


It’s impossible to get everything you need from a single supplement. That goes double for recovery. To get back on the training field, we’ve devised a supplement stack focused on hydration, circulation and fuel for recovery. Ruck Recovery (Pro) is our answer to the question; what should I eat after a rugby game? The answer is everything in this stack. 




During an 80-minutes rugby game, your body is going to expel a huge amount of fluid trying to keep cool. During that process, it’s also going to be eliminating electrolytes from your muscles which may reduce your cramp threshold frequency (CTF).

At the end of a rugby game, it’s critical to give your muscles back those electrolytes. Post-Game is the way to do that. The formula includes Sodium, Potassium and Vitamin B5, all of which are critical components of proper cell function.


Post-Game is the first supplement designed for use after rugby games. Contains optimal amounts of BCAAs, Creatine & Electrolytes for recovery. Optimize your recovery by taking Post-Game within 30mins of finishing rugby games or gym sessions.




The obvious addition to our Ruck Recovery stack is a nitric oxide booster. Why? Because L-Arginine-based supplements like our NOxide formula are metabolized to produce nitric oxide (No2). This happens in a similar way to how to body processes nitrate powders. 

As the concentration of nitric oxide in the body increases, rugby players may see an increase in endurance through greater oxygen carrying capacity. This potential circulatory benefit may deliver on-field performance gains, and may also decrease recovery time after your rugby game has finished.


NOxide is an L-Arginine-based endurance supplement that may deliver nitric oxide to your muscles and keep you performing at a higher intensity for longer. Our product team recommends using it before rugby games and just before bed the night after. 




Recovering from a rugby game requires three primary building blocks: electrolytes, amino acids and protein. We’ve already covered the first two. But while electrolytes and amino acids are good, you also need to give your body the building blocks of muscle repair.

Whey protein is widely used by athletes of all sorts after gym and sprint sessions to help build lean muscle mass. That’s why it forms a critical component of our Ruck Recovery (Pro) supplement stack.


Rugby Whey protein powder is designed to decrease your recovery time and leave you feeling fully recovered after rugby games. Repair muscle damage, recover from weight training and build lean muscle with the only whey protein made for ruggers.

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