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Ranking Considerations

What is a Don’t Argue? Think of every time during a rugby game that someone gets Fended in the Chest or gets a Palm thrown up in their face. This countdown covers all the times when an attacking player basically runs over, around or through a defender. If you’re still confused, this countdown of the best don’t argues from #RWC2015 could probably also have called this one of the following:

  • Best hand-offs of the rugby world cup
  • Best face palms of RWC2015
  • Best straight arms of the world cup

You get the gist. Our point is that the best Don’t Argue could also be called a Hand-Off, Face Palm, Straight Arm, Sit Down Son etc… with that said, let’s move on to the ranking criteria.

#1 Who is making the hand-off?

It’s fun to watch a winger stick his hand in the face of a chasing half back. Nobody is denying that. But for pure shock value. For the impact, the power and and pleasure, nothing really beats a big guy running over a big guy. Now granted, some of the wingers running around aren’t so small. That’s probably why Tamaz Mchedlidze gets such a high rank for his exploits in our countdown. The guy occupies spots #2 and #3 for his amazing runs against Namibia. And to be honest, who really cares who he ran over? The dude is a beast and that’s one of the best Don’t Argues I’ve seen in years.

#2 Who is he telling to ‘sit down’?

Ahh yes, when one massive unit makes a killer Don’t Argue, there has to be some poor soul on the other end. Not all speed bumps are made equal though. Smashing a prop is different than smashing a halfback. So while Amanki Mafi did a great job of running over poor Mike Petri in #11, that just doesn’t cut it next to Villami Tahitua disposing of both Jerome Kaino and Kieran Read in #7. How is that guy not starting? Someone explain that to us please.

#3 How many people felt the impact?

When Sean McMahon levels a Uruguyan defender in #14, I get a rush of blood to the forearms. But that’s where the play ends. Is it fair to put him ahead of say Conor Trainor #9 of Canada who runs over 5 guys in one 20 yard dash? We don’t think so. When in doubt, you’ll find we’ve put the guys who ran over 3 defenders ahead of those who ran over 2 defenders ahead of those who ran over 1 defender. That being said, some of the individual impact were so big (Alafoti Foasilivia #12) that we couldn’t squeeze them any lower.

#4 What was the result of the play?

In #28 Jan Serfontein does an excellent job of running the ball out from his own goal line and poleaxing a defender in the process. However, he only really makes 3m. This would be awesome if he was on the other team’s goal line, but fact is, he’s not. So when we came across two similar hit or hand offs and one led to basically nothing tactically, we gave the advantage to the Don’t Argue that gained more ground or led to a try. Take for example Louis Picamoles in #4 who grabs a kickoff, dispatches 3 guys and drives his team upfield. Sorry Jan, but that’s a serious tactical advantage gained. He gets a higher ranking as a result.

#5 How many times could you watch it on repeat?

We have been watching rugby online a lot lately and there just don’t seem to be enough compilations of awesome plays. That why we started creating the countdowns you see before you. How many times could you watch Sean McMahon run that dude over? Plenty. So if you’re looking toward the end of this countdown/compilation, there’s a good chance we’ve watched the same clips you’re seeing a few dozen times or more.

What next after the best don’t argues?

Finally, the best Don’t Argues are done. We’ve already released our compilation of the best try-saving tackles of the #RWC2015 – so if you haven’t checked that out yet, best head on over. Next up will be the best Takes of the tournament. Something to keep the backs happy. Also, checkout our supplements and stacks for the very best in pre and post-rugby our nutrition.


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