The Charles River Rats are our newest partners

After several weeks of discussions with the club’s management, the Ruck Science team is pleased to announce a new partnership with one of the best known rugby clubs in the great state of Massachusetts. The Charles River Rats have signed up for our sponsorship program and will begin receiving donations in January of 2017. We look forward to helping grow their club and seeing them be successful both on and off the field. The club has recently elected a new board and are actively recruiting for the 2017 season so get in quick and join up!

Club history

In 1973, the Charles River Rugby Football Club, affectionately dubbed “The Rats”, was founded by a group of ruggers from Tufts University and Boston Rugby Football Club. In striking green and orange jerseys that quickly became the club’s trademark, the Rats achieved many early successes, including winning the Portland RFC Invitational and advancing to the Annual New England Tournament semi-finals. The Rats continued to attract new players and build on each year’s accomplishments over the next decade, thus solidifying themselves as a fixture in the New England rugby community.

In 2005, the Rats added to their pack with the formation of their Charles River Women’s team. Since their founding, the Lady Rats have grown quickly over their first decade, gathering new players and skill while keeping the same “serious but don’t take ourselves too seriously” River mantra. The ladies advanced to USA Rugby playoffs in 2014 and 2015, finishing in the top 16 in the country in 2015.

Join Charles River Rugby

Whether you are new to the game, new to Boston or new to the country, Charles River Rugby is the club for you. Dedicated to playing competitive Division II Men’s and Division II Women’s Rugby in New England, while maintaining the strong social traditions inherent to the game, Charles River welcomes players of all experience levels and all ages. When you join the Rats, you’ll find a club that embodies the work-hard, play-hard attitude that makes a rugby a fantastic game to play and a true team sport. Our experienced players and coaches will ensure that you get the most out of the game of rugby. If you love the game of Rugby (and the occasional pickle back) or are looking to learn a tremendous new sport, email us today or stop by a practice.

How to support the Rats

    1. Donate directly – if you can spare a dollar or two, the Rats would love to have it. It’s cold in Boston this time of year and indoor training costs money. Every little bit helps!
    2. Enter the coupon code RATSRUGBY when you checkout on – this is the easiest way to use our site to support the Rats. For every purchase, we’ll donate up to 20% straight to the club to help them pay for new gear, travel expenses and training facilities.
    3. Support their other sponsors – including The Briar Group, The BHR Life Companies and Cambridge Strength & Conditioning.

Stay involved by joining the Old Rats

For more than 40 years Charles River Rugby has been a cornerstone of Boston rugby thanks to players who have stayed involved in the sport after they’ve retired from professional rugby. A club is more than just the players on the field. It is team of made up of every player that came before. The Old Rats are a supporters network of former players, fans and friends who contribute their time and resources to see the current crop of Rats be successful on and off the field. Stay involved in rugby by joining the Old Rats here.

Getting started with Ruck Science

For all members of the Charles River Rats who are reading this article. Here are a couple things to keep in mind if you want to try compare us to your current supplement manufacturer:

  1. Sign up for an account on our website and you’ll get $10 to spend before your first purchase.
  2. Use the RATSRUGBY coupon code when you buy our supplements or stacks so we know to donate to them
  3. Please make sure you list the Charles River Rats as your rugby club during the checkout process so we know where to send your donation.


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