Galveston RFC are our newest sponsored club

The Ruck Science team is working hard to get every rugby club in Texas signed up for our sponsorship program. Today, we announce that another one has joined the fold. This time, it’s the Galveston RFC from, you guessed it, Galveston! The partnership is set to start August 15th and run for the duration of the 2016/17 season and beyond. We’re thrilled to have these guys on board. It surely the start of a long and fruitful relationship. For more about the deal and about Galveston rugby club, read on and be enthralled.

History of Galveston RFC

The Galveston Rugby Club was established in 1967 thanks to UTMB President Truman Blocker. Not only did Blocker give the local university students, faculty and staff an athletic outlet, the social aspects allowed these seemingly disparate groups to bond in a way that enhanced camaraderie among the community of the schools.

The club sees social outreach and inclusion as a crucial part of its identity on the island. Dr Blocker was one of the earliest proponents of the club reaching out to different demographic groups in Galveston. The club now boasts a diverse membership base.

The Galveston rugby club also has a rich history as hosts of tournaments and touring rugby sides. Over the years, teams from around the world have played in Galveston and each season the club brings teams from throughout the country to the school for its annual Mardi Gras Tournament. They welcome any club from around the world that wants to tour or attend one of their tournaments. Whether you are from the USA, or another country contact the club to arrange a tour and a great time!

Support Galveston RFC

There are three really simple ways to help support the boys from Galveston RFC. Firstly, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you to please go and support their other existing sponsors. The $ provided by local businesses are very often the difference between rugby clubs surviving or folding. Secondly, anytime you make a purchase on, you can give a donation of up to 20% of your order directly to the club by entering the coupon code GALVESTONRFC during your checkout process. And finally, if it’s coming up to tax time, or you’re just feeling generous, you can donate directly to the club using their paypal link.

Rewards on Referrals, Reviews and Every Purchase

For all members of Galveston RFC who are reading this. Please remember that our Rewards program is the best way for you to get started with Ruck Science. Just for joining up, you get $5.00 to spend in our online store. When you make a purchase, you get rewarded for that too! And finally, when you try our products, and love them (or hate them) you can earn still more cash to spend on for every review you submit one of our products. Don’t forget to register for an account on our website to get $10 towards your first purchase. 

Where to find Galveston RFC online

Need a sponsor?

Does your club need sponsors? If so, please head over to the sponsorship page of our website and complete the short form so that we can get your rugby club registered and running with our sponsorship program.