Ruck Science on board to help Lone Star Rugby grow

Our efforts to sponsor every rugby club in Texas by the end of the year took another big step forward today with the announcement that Ruck Science has partnered with one of the newest rugby clubs in Texas. The agreement, with Lone Star Rugby will help the club continue its impressive growth in the Woodlands area north of Houston. We look forward to helping Lone Star Rugby grow their player and supporter base and to seeing them be successful both on and off the field. Please continue reading to see the specifics of the deal and how it will impact the rugby community of Texas.


Lone Star Rugby Club is a new rugby club based in the Woodlands area – originally created to establish an environment of rugby excellence in Texas, USA. The club is player-focused and aims to provide young adult rugby players in Texas with the opportunity to receive top class coaching to develop their skills. Lone Star rugby has lofty aspirations as well including winning Championships of all sorts. State and National titles are a definite goal, as is producing players who can represent the USA in World Cup competition, Olympic games and in the fledgling Pro Rugby.


Lone Star Rugby also aims to be a social hub, providing supporters and sponsors with an environment within which to enjoy top class rugby and to socialize and network. Rugby has always been about more than what happens on the pitch. Lone Star is committed to creating a positive environment for players and supporter to enjoy the best that rugby has to offer in a safe and inclusive atmosphere.


This partnership means that Lone Star Rugby will have an official nutrition sponsor for the first time in the history of the young club. Unlike a traditional sporting sponsorship, the club will have $0 in setup costs by acquiring Ruck Science as a sponsor (typically a large cost). No banners, signs or printing costs. For every order placed on that mentions the “Lone Star” at checkout, we’ll donate up to 20% straight the the club. The club doesn’t need to report to us or prove their value on an ongoing basis.

Watch them in action

Keen to see Lone Star rugby in action? Here’s a full-length rugby game they played earlier this year.

How to support Lone Star rugby

There are three different ways you can support the Lone Star rugby club:

  1. Become a member of the club
  2. Support their sponsors – a full list of them can be found on their website
  3. Enter the coupon code LONESTAR when you checkout on our website

For all members of Lone Star rugby who are reading this. Please remember that our points  program is the best way for you to get started with Ruck Science. Register for an account and you’ll get $10 to put towards your first purchase. You also earn rewards for purchases, product reviews and for telling your friends about us.

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