We now accept AMEX

The Ruck Science team is always looking for new ways to provide value to our customers. Back in August, we announced the launch of Rucks, our rewards program that gives back to our customers every time they review one of our products, tell a friend about Ruck Science or make a purchase on our website. Today, we’re happy to say that the last of those three functions just got a whole lot easier for some of our customers. Our website now accepts payments made using American Express credit cards. Yes, finally after almost nine months of operating; we now accept AMEX!

Why the wait?

Now and then, when a customer wants to pay for their supplements using an American Express card, their order has created a fraud alert on our website. That’s not ideal. In fact, it’s not very helpful for the customer or for our shipping and customer service teams. But until recently, we didn’t have the order volume to warrant creating a merchant account with americanexpress.com. That all changed in August with our largest number of orders to date (we were able to contribute donations to more than 35 amateur rugby clubs). So with more people coming to our site and more AMEX cards being used unsuccessfully, the time was finally right to make the addition which we’ve completed this week.

How to take advantage

Remember the rewards program we mentioned earlier? Well before you do anything else, go signup for it! Why? It’ll give you $5 to put towards your first purchase with us. This is free money folks, grab it. After that, you can use your AMEX card to buy anything in our store. Nutrition stuff? Check. Recovery tools? Check. Remember that for every order you make, we donate up to 20% of it’s value to the rugby club of your choice. So when you’re going through the checkout process, don’t forget to enter the name of your rugby club!