Shipping delays due to water damage

Severe weather, flooding and water damage has caused a large number of the products stored at our warehouse to be spoiled. As a result, we are experiencing delays in shipping several product bundles and individual products. We have placed an emergency-order with our manufacturer and are expecting to resume regular deliveries before the end of October. If you are thinking about placing an order with us, please keep in mind that your order might not be delivered as hastily as usual.

These product bundles may be delayed in delivery up to 10 business days:

  • Ruck Everything
  • Ruck Harder
  • Ruck Smarter
  • Ruck Training
  • Ruck Recovery

These individual products may be delayed in delivery up to 10 business days:

  • Pre-Game
  • Rugby Whey
  • NOxide

The following products are unaffected. Orders for these products will be fulfilled on the day they are ordered:

  • Rugby Sample Stack
  • Beet Elite
  • 80 Brain
  • SuperBeets

All recovery tools and lifestyle products have been spared by the rugby gods. As a result, we can ship any of those products immediately. We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. Needless to say we’re working to fix these issues faster than than Carlin Isles in open space.