Tempe Women’s rugby club is our latest partner

The Ruck Science team is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Tempe Women’s Rugby Club out of Phoenix, Arizona. The women’s club became a part of the Tempe Old Devils back in 2009 and has seen strong growth ever since. The new partnership begins September 1st and will give the Tempe Women’s rugby club access to the Ruck Science sponsorship program for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Where do we learn about the Tempe women’s rugby club?

You can find a full writeup of the Tempe rugby club’s women’s division online. The Women’s club participates in the Southern California rugby Union, even though they’re located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The team plays 15s rugby in the spring and then they transition for 7s rugby for the summer months.

Old devils rugby club culture

The Tempe Women’s club’s players and dedicated coaching staff bring together almost 20 years of rugby knowledge. The team is comprised of players from all over the US, with many coming from different sporting backgrounds other than rugby. The club has a unique focus on camaraderie and creating an inclusive athletic environment for all those who visit.

Watch the Old Devils in action!

Want to play with the Tempe Women’s team?

Practices are open to any players regardless of experience. The only requirement asked of all participants is to give 110% effort and maintain a positive attitude. If you’d like to know more about rugby and playing with the Tempe Women then please see their team Facebook page. 

How to support the Old Devils

Firstly, you can make a purchase on ruckscience.com and use the coupon code TEMPEWRC during the checkout process. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase and the club will receive a donation for 10% of every order you make. Secondly, you can make a direct donation on their website.

Contact the club