What are rugby online sportsbooks?

Online sportsbooks are a way for you to stay involved with rugby from the comfort of your own home: by offering you the chance to earn some coin by wagering on rugby games.

These books offer betting lines for both rugby league and rugby union.

While you’re sitting at home injured and looking to stay sharp or on your rest day hankering for action, learn more about these sportsbooks.

Online sportsbooks for rugby: how to use them

You may have come across online sportsbooks either from searching for supplements on a website or in a TV commercial during a rugby game. These sportsbooks are just examples of sites you can use to place wagers on rugby – even during a game. But how do they work exactly?

Selecting a sportsbook

First, you’ll have to find a legitimate sportsbook to sign up with. Thankfully, you can find third-party reviewers like sportsbettingsites.com on some of the top online sportsbooks. You can peruse the different books here to gauge how they operate and if they appeal to you.

While almost all books offer rugby betting lines, some excel at it more than others. Books that cater towards a European or Australian demographic will feature more choices for rugby and occasionally have special promotions.

Signing up and using the deposit bonus

Once you’ve selected a sportsbook or two, you’ll need to sign up. This is easy and all you need are your basic information like an email address, your name, and your age. You must be at least 18 years of age.

When you’ve created an account, it is your choice if you want to deposit money. You do not need to and you will have full access to the sportsbook so you can view all the available betting lines for your rugby game/s of choice.

Most books offer a deposit bonus where they will match your first deposit up to 100%. This means if you deposit $200 you will get $200 back in free cash.

However, to withdraw this cash, you will need to comply with the rollover rules. Books have a five-times (5X) or ten-times (10X) rollover policy meaning you will have to bet cash equivalent to 5X or 10X the free cash.

If your free cash is $200, you will need to wager a minimum of $1,000 to satisfy the 5X rollover and a minimum of $2,000 for 10X. Not all bets also qualify for the rollover policy.

It is an uphill climb, but the reputable books will
honour the bonus if you complete the requirements.

Figuring out the betting odds

Another thing to note is how to read the betting odds. They are usually displayed as either a decimal (e.g. 3.50) or as minus or plus number (e.g. -400, +250).

Decimals are easier to calculate. This means that your winnings will be your bet multiplied by the decimal. If a rugby team is lined at 3.50 and you bet $100, your payout will be $350 (3.50 x 100).

The minus or plus numbers are known as American odds. They’re based on a $100 wager with a minus indicating how much you need to stake to win $100 while a plus showing how much you win by staking $100.

If a team is lined as -400, it means you’ll need to wager $400 to win $100. On the flipside, their opponent is lined at +250 meaning you can win $250 if you stake $100.

Most books give you the choice to pick the betting odds format of your choice. Go with whatever is easier for you.

Why you should or shouldn’t use sportsbooks for rugby

Using sportsbooks and wagering on rugby is not everyone. While it can be fun and will make watching the game even more exciting, it still involves risking hard-earned cash.

Before getting into the sportsbooks, you’ll need to learn about the intricacies of rugby betting. Look online. Listen or read from tipsters. Ask a friend if you know anyone who bets on games. This will give you a balanced view of rugby betting.

Playing the sportsbooks is like playing sports: you’ll win some and you’ll lose some. There is a bit of luck involved here, but this is a game of skill and with enough diligence, you can use online sportsbooks to make some side cash.

Alternatively, you can use sportsbooks to determine how the public views the rugby teams or players and you can stay updated on the latest happenings in the world of rugby.


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