Exercises to improve your rugby tackling

improve your rugby tackling

There’s no substitute for tackling practice. So before you read this, we strongly recommend you get to rugby training and hit someone. But if you’ve got a physical weakness, here are some ways to improve your tackling in the gym.

Best rugby training blogs of the year

best rugby training blogs

We’ve finally finished combing through the best rugby training blogs from 2016. Boy was there a lot to choose from! Here are the top 10 rugby training blog posts of 2016. Check in next year for an updated list of training blogs.

Getting from the set piece to the breakdown

getting from set piece to breakdown

Your supporting line should be as direct as possible so that you arrive quickly and in a good position. It’s much much easier to protect the ball if you are the first player to arrive than if you’re slow to the ball and need to move a defender.

Not committing to the breakdown on defense

deciding to commit to the breakdown

To ruck or not to ruck? In rugby you’ll decide to commit (or not) to every breakdown on the field. Those decisions are critical. Here’s when you should decide NOT to commit to the breakdown.

Defensive structure at the breakdown in rugby

breakdown defensive structure rugby

How to you align your defense to be effective? Rugby coach David Weitz explains how to structure your defense from the breakdown. Complete with diagrams and explanations of each position away from the breakdown. Annnnnnnd up up up!!!

Coaching rugby using a Zone System

coaching rugby zone system

How do you use a ‘zone system’ to help coach rugby players? David Weitz explains why the zone system is such an effective naming system for high school and college rugby teams. As a coach himself, it’s worth taking David’s advice on this structure and terminology.