We’re not all going to be wingers racing down the sidelines. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t want to get faster. Increasing strength is a direct result of increasing speed (assuming weight is kept constant).

So training to get faster for rugby means increasing the force we exert through the ground while NOT gaining muscle mass. Doing that isn’t easy. But these speed training articles will help you.


Brandon Lee

French Contrast Training

Training for rugby can be very time-consuming. As well as developing a decent level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness, you need to be quick, agile, strong, and powerful, too. You’ll also need to find time to work on your mobility and flexibility and continue improving your rugby skills.

elite rugby and genetics
Patrick Dale

Being an elite rugby player might be in your genes

While we all dream of playing better rugby than we’re likely capable, new research shows that the world’s elite rugby players share a huge number of genetic similarities. Rugby might be in your genes!

rugby club agility ladder
Training Team

Does your rugby club need agility ladders?

Does your rugby club need agility ladders? Our training team examines the fad of agility and speed ladders to figure out whether your rugby club / team needs to bother getting them for your pre-season training.

agility training while traveling
Training Team

Can I improve my agility while traveling this summer?

If you’re traveling this summer, your rugby conditioning is likely to suffer. Off-season rugby training probably hasn’t started for you yet. But in the meantime, try these speed/agility hacks while you’re traveling this summer.

fast rugby winger program
Training Team

A speed program for lightning-fast rugby wingers

Speed is one of the most intimidating factors in rugby. The faster you can sprint, the better you can evade the opposition, attack, score, or defend. Wingers, and to a lesser extent fullbacks, will need to train differently if they want to be lightning-fast on the rugby field.

Nick McCashin

Developing Speed with Conrad Smith

Conrad Smith is currently playing Rugby in the French premier competition (Top 14) for Pau (Section Paloise). Conrad recently retired from New Zealand rugby but he was a key leader and member of the All Blacks tallying an impressive 94 caps. He

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