Partnership with Bluegrass Elite finalized today

Part of our mission at Ruck Science is to help support the growth of amateur rugby across the US at all levels of the game. To that end, we’ve sent donations to a whole range of different rugby programs. From referees organizations like the TRRA and RRSNY, to Women’s College programs like the OU Roses and ARP teams including Old Blue. We really are doing our best to support clubs at all levels of the game and in all parts of the country. 

Continuing on this path, we are happy to announce that as of today, we will be sending donations to a High-School program in Kentucky called Bluegrass Elite HS Rugby. Please read on to learn more about their program and how we’ll be sending out donations.

Clarification on supplement use by youth athletes

At this point, we should take a minute to explain our decision to partner with a High School rugby program. There is no nation-wide regulation prohibiting the sale of supplements to athletes under the age of 18. But we believe this is a mistake which has the potential to harm thousands of young athletes. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to guarantee the quality and safety of ingredients in all supplements.

There are many products on the market which contain ingredients on the W.A.D.A banned substances list. And many others that can be harmful in the wrong quantities and doses. While we have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that our products are safe and that using them will never result in a failed drug test, at this stage, Ruck Science does not support nor endorse the use of our supplements, by athletes under 18 years old.

So why the High-School partner?

While we do not endorse the use of our products by anyone under the age of 18, we have received many dozens of requests from high-school coaches and parents across the country who have asked us to consider donating to their programs. We’ve been hesitant to do this, since we do not want to promote supplements to kids. 

However, we do accept the premise that if a parent wants to donate to their kid’s rugby program, they should have a vehicle for doing this. So we are looking at this partnership with Bluegrass Elite HS Rugby as a pilot program. If rugby parents enjoy using our products and there is no abuse of them by young athletes, we will be happy to include High School rugby clubs in our sponsorship program.

Rugby skills clinics

Do you have a high or middle school aged boy or girl interested in getting involved with rugby? Beginning this Wednesday and continuing every Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30 at Seneca Park Kelsey Harris will be holding skills clinics to work on passing and the fundamentals of the game. Kelsey was 3x Indiana high school all-star, USA U17 developmental team, played for 3 time national championship Penn State women’s rugby, named twice as collegiate all-American and selected to the Women’s Junior All-American team.

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