New partnership with Eckerd Tritons announced

2018 is upon us and the Ruck Science team is set to announce a huge slate of new partnerships over the course of this year. In 2017, we successfully sent donations to more than 300 rugby clubs across the country. This year, we want to make it to 1000! The first of which will be the mighty Tritons of Eckerd College in Florida. 

About the club

Eckerd College is small liberal arts college in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Located just north of the Boca Ciega Bay, and 10 minutes from St. Pete’s Beach, Eckerd is a college full of people from all 50 states and 36 countries all around the world. The student body is about 2,000 students. Eckerd has many NCAA sports teams including baseball, softball, sailing, beach volleyball, basketball, golf, and tennis. Eckerd also has many clubs and one that attracts a large number of members and fans is the Eckerd Triton Rugby Club.

Ranging from 38-44 players a season, the club hopes to continue dominating their opponents and find themselves in the playoffs every year. In three years they are hoping to become a varsity sport along with the women’s team so they can take rugby to the next level. But they have ambitions of going further as well, by qualifying into the second round of playoffs in Maryland sometime in the future. 

As a club at a liberal arts college, it is difficult to maintain a steady roster with student-athletes doing their best to complete their majors and being presented with once in a lifetime opportunity in research and academics as undergrads. As a team, the Tritons strive to become better but a lot of their resources and funding make it tough to improve on a week to week basis, much less travel to playoffs when they qualify.

Club history

Started in 1998, the Eckerd College Men’s Rugby Club mascot was the Fireants. They competed in the National Small College Rugby Organization as a part of the Florida Rugby Union. The club started out as a social club for Eckerd students to make new friends and play a highly competitive sport at the same time. Over the years the Fireants proved their rugby skills in the Florida Rugby Union but never could make the National Small College Rugby Organization playoffs. 

In 2006, the Fireants changed their mascot to the Tritons and in 2012 they made it to the NSCRO playoffs for the first time since the club’s inception. The Tritons made it to playoffs again in the 2016-17 season after completing an undefeated season, going 8-0 in regular season play. That season they finished 9-1 and the Runner-Up in the NSCRO South Cup championship.

Community Involvement

As a club, we volunteer at habitat for humanity just around the corner from our college at a local wildlife refuge. We bring in as many members as possible to help clean up, chop down and control plant life in the area so that residents may enjoy the natural environment. During our fall semester, we sold hot dogs, waters, and popsicles to the fans and students and took the money we made from it and donated it to hurricane relief programs. 

As a team, they have participated in raising money for Relay for Life and participate in our local relay on campus raising awareness and walking for survivors, those who have passed and those still fighting. Individually, many of their players volunteer in the local area, travel abroad to help build houses, water ditches or volunteer at orphanages. 

There are too many instances to count for each individual’s amount of service time that they have put in and the club is hoping to continue their community service programs this year by working with a local high school in the area to teach proper weightlifting skills to athletes and hopefully show them the importance of a collegiate education.

Are you a Triton?

For all you Tritons out there who want to support the club when you (or a friend/relatives) buys supplements. Here’s the best way to get started with us:

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