Our training team is building the world’s most comprehensive library of free rugby training and diet programs. Download them one at a time or create an account to get them all. 


We’re turning every program on into an interactive mobile experience. That’s right, our new rugby training app is now in the iOS and Android stores. Please click here to create an account and get login instructions. 


Every rugby player wants to get better at what they do. For many of us that means either training harder, or training smarter. For anyone who wonders how rugby players train, many of the world’s top professional and national rugby programs have created training resources that any rugger can use. 

Our training team is building a huge library of rugby training programs that you can download for free and use to become a better rugby player. 

Some topics covered in these programs include:


We also have a ton of free programs on our blog. If you’re looking for tips on neck strengthleg workouts for powerinterval rowing programs or flanker-specific cardio programs try the blog posts, you don’t have to download anything, just bookmark the program page and you’re good to go! 


Have you ever wondered what rugby players eat before rugby games and training? Our training team is constantly running testing groups to try different diet and nutrition programs. Depending on your training objective, a few simple tweaks to any of the rugby diet programs on this page can help you either bulk up, lean out, perform better or recover faster from rugby games and training. 

Our core business is providing nutritional supplements for rugby players. But we are also huge proponents of balanced healthy diets. Supplements are just that, supplements and should not be used in preference to high-quality macronutrients. 


We also understand the difference between pro rugby players and amateur rugby players. As such, we advocate for the minimization of carbohydrate intake to provide performance, recovery, weight management and overall health benefits. 

This strategy is primarily directed at amateur rugby players who train less, eat less and have significantly less access to professional support staff than do pro rugby players. 

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