New partnership with Western Kentucky RFC

Ruck Science are very proud to announce that Western Kentucky University RFC are the latest club to join our sponsorship program. WKU are now eligible to start receiving funding as part of our every growing sponsorship program that we hope will eventually benefit every amateur rugby club in the USA. For more information on how Ruck Science and WKU rugby will be working together, please keep reading.

About sponsorship

Unlike a lot of traditional sponsorship agreements, the players and staff of WKU don’t actually have to do very much at all to receive funding through our program. This arrangement is great for clubs like WKU who have neither the time nor manpower to dedicate to hiring a full-time fundraising staff. 

Instead, WKU will receive a donation valued at 10% of all orders processed through Ruck Science that use the code WESTERNKENTUCKYUNI on the /cart/ page of our checkout process.

Despite being a less usual form of sponsorship, WKU could receive $1000 or more per annum. Donation may be used to meet any of their team’s travel expenses or gear. And WKU doesn’t even have to put our logo on their shirts!

Getting started

If you want to support the Men’s rugby club at Western Kentucky University, you can get started with three easy steps!

  1. Sign up for an account on our website for an additional $10 worth of credits towards your first order and lifetime access to all our training programs.
  2. Follow our Facebook page where there are monthly announcements about free samples and other promotions.
  3. Use the coupon code WESTERNKENTUCKYUNI and you’ll get:
    • $10 off your first purchase
    • Permanently linked to the club – so a portion of all your orders is donated to them. 

About WKU rugby  

The WKU Men’s Rugby Club is a club rich in tradition. Founded in the 70’s, this club has introduced newcomers to the intense sport of rugby year in and year out. Not many students have the opportunity to play rugby before arriving at WKU, but that’s okay because club members are more than happy to teach their beloved sport to anyone who is interested in learning. Throughout the year, the club participates in numerous matches, both home and away. They also compete in tournaments such as the “Heart of Dixie” in Huntsville, Alabama. 

The WKU Women’s Rugby Club is a great club to join for females who are looking to get involved in rugby and connect with fellow club members on and off the field. The club competes throughout the year in many matches and various tournaments.  

Both clubs work together to host the “Annual Alumni Matches.” For this, the current club members invite alumni from the club to come back to WKU to play a friendly match. This is an event the club and their alumni look forward to each year.

Besides practicing and playing, the club members are also active members of the community as they pride themselves on their community service each year. Some activities they partake in include volunteering at the Humane Society, and donating blood at the Red Cross blood drives on campus. All WKU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join the club. No experience necessary!

How to support WKU rugby

If you’re interested in supporting rugby program at WKU, please consider:

  1. entering WESTERNKENTUCKYUNI as your rugby club when you checkout on
  2. follow them on their social media pages – details below


Check out this video to see the WKU men’s team in action against Eastern Kentucky University during their 2017 fall match.  

Find out more about WKU rugby