Ruck Science has our first ARP partner: Old Blue

Today, the Ruck Science team is pleased to announce our latest partnership. This time, with one of the leading ARP rugby franchises, Old Blue. The partnership will allow Old Blue to benefit from the Ruck Science sponsorship program, having already received their first donation in September of this year.

Club history

Old Blue Rugby is an amateur rugby club based in New York City. The club was founded in 1963 by Columbia University Alumni and competes at the highest level in US as part of the Atlantic Rugby Premiership. Old Blue is made up of amateur players, coaches and administrators with a professional attitude and ethos. With a rich history of success in various different leagues and competitions across the country. The club’s premiership ship has won 78% of their matches from 1990 to 2000. The rugby community identifies Old Blue with excellence. With over 50 championships, every game played against Old Blue is a like championship game.

Watch Old Blue in action

How to support the club

There are three main ways you can do this. Firstly, buy some merchandise from their online store. Old Blue are supported by a really fantastic apparel manufacturer, Paladin Sports. They have a full range of Old Blue training and supporters gear. Secondly, you can buy one of our supplements or stacks and enter the coupon code OLDBLUE at checkout. You’ll get $10 off your purchase, and the club will receive 10% of your order. Finally, you can donate directly to the club through their gofundme calendar campaign. Well worth a look for the lady in your life.

Fundraising & charity

The Kits Off campaign is a collaboration between Old Blue RFC player Harry Higgins and Fashion photographer Jade Young. The two created a non-profit calendar to help raise awareness for individuals living with paralysis and spinal cord injury. Proceeds from sales of the calendar go to “The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation” as well as the “Wounded Warrior Project.” 

Representative players

Being one of the premier rugby clubs in the country, Old Blue is packed with international-quality talent. With USA Eagles representatives including James Bird, Harry Higgins, and Nate Augspurger to name just a few. The club has been blessed with talent in recent years. But the progression of players through to representative level also speaks volumes are the quality of the coaching staff at Old Blue.