Ruck Science introduces Rucks rewards program

Rucks is our brand new rewards program here at Ruck Science. You’ve supported us this far, and now we want to do more than give back to your rugby club. The Rucks program is designed to reward you for telling people about Ruck Science, writing a Product Review or even just signing up for the program. 

“We are ecstatic to be able to offer this program to our customers, who have proved incredibly loyal to us already. We’ve built our business around giving back profits to amateur rugby clubs, now we’re thrilled to be giving back to the players who make up the clubs we so proudly support.” – Tim Howard, Founder


Earning and spending Rucks

You can earn Rucks in loads of different ways, and they’re all super easy – the easiest two are by joining the Rucks rewards program, and by making purchases. You can also earn Rucks every time you write a product review, refer a friend, or accept a friends’ referral. When you make a purchase on, you’ll see the option to redeem your Rucks on the cart page, just before checkout.

What’s a Ruck worth?

100 Rucks are worth $1, they have no expiration date, and you can put them towards up to 25% of your order with us.

Can you give me an example of how it works?

Sure! Here’s two:

Dan’s use case

Dan joins the Rucks rewards program and earns his first 500 Rucks.

  1. He refers Jack, who accepts the referral and joins the program, and gets 1000 Rucks: 500 for accepting the referral and another 500 for joining the program.
  2. Jack then makes his first purchase with Ruck Science, spending $50 and earning another 250 Rucks.
  3. In the meantime, Dan earns another 500 Rucks because he referred Jack, who then joined and made that purchase.

Jen’s use case

  1. Jen gets a referral request from her teammate Liz – she accepts and gets her first 1000 Rucks: 500 for accepting the referral, and another 500 for joining the program.
  2. Jen makes a $100 purchase, earns another 500 Rucks, and makes Liz an easy 500Rucks.
  3. Jen loves the products she purchased, writes two product reviews about them, and gets another 1000 Rucks.

For more information

Please see the rewards page of the Ruck Science site for more information.