Sioux Falls Crow become our first partner in South Dakota

Our latest partnership moves Ruck Science into South Dakota for the first time! We’ve been working hard to raise our profile in the Mid-America union for the past few months now and that has started to bear fruit. Last month, we announced a new deal with the Chicago Women’s RFC – and now in October, we’re happy to say that we’ve become the official nutrition supplier of the Sioux Falls Crow rugby club. Read on to learn more about the Crow and how we’ll be helping them to grow the game of rugby at a grassroots level in South Dakota.

About the club and competition

The Sioux Falls Crow are a men’s rugby club based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The club plays games in the Frontier conference of the Mid-America union within the structure of USA Rugby. If you live of work in the Sioux Falls area and would be interested in playing some rugby this season (before it gets too cold!) check out the team’s Twitter Feed which has regular updates on Training sessions and times.

Our partnership with the club

This partnership means that the the Sioux Falls Crow will have an official nutrition sponsor in time for the 2016 rugby season and beyond. Unlike a traditional sporting sponsorship, this deal gets the club a partner for $0 in up front costs. Most sporting sponsorship deals actually carry some hard-costs for the club. But with Ruck Science, clubs like Sioux Falls Crow don’t need to pay for banners, signs or printing costs. It’s much easier than that. For every order placed on that mentions the “Sioux Falls Crow” at checkout, we’ll donate up to 20% straight the the club.

Local news coverage

The club has gone from strength to strength in recent years. With dozens of younger players graduating high-school and college and moving to the area, this creates a pipeline of new players for the club.

“We were struggling with getting enough guys to show up to play and at that point, we did have a bunch of old guys that were the only ones here,” Reesman said. “And now we’ve got a lot of young guys, so it’s great. Plenty of guys to come to practice. And now, people are fighting for spots.” – Brad Holmberg (Team Captain)

How to get started with Ruck Science

For all members of the Sioux Falls Crow who are reading this. Please remember that our Rewards program is the best way for you to get started with Ruck Science. Just for joining up, you get $5.00 to spend in our online store. When you make a purchase, you get rewarded for that too! And finally, when you try our products, and love them (or hate them) you can earn still more cash to spend on for every review you submit one of our products. 

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