Ruck Science partners with Texas A&M Alumni

The team at Ruck Science is pleased to announce our first ever partnership with a college rugby alumni association; the Texas A&M Old Maroon. After several weeks of discussions, an agreement has been reached for Ruck Science to open up our sponsorship program to the alumni association. The agreement was officially announced yesterday on, begins on April 20th and is open-ended, meaning that it can be terminated at either party’s discretion.

What this means for Old Maroon

Old Maroon are one of the most active rugby alumni associations in Texas. Their mission includes providing moral and financial support for current players in the Texas A&M Rugby Program and job opportunities and business contacts for graduating players.

But the most important mission for Old Maroon is to promote Texas A&M Rugby at a national level of competition. Through direct fundraising efforts as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and their zero-based budgeting structure, every dollar left over is reinvested into Texas A&M Rugby. Modeling this revitalized approach after the consistently top-ranked teams in the U.S., Old Maroon strives to be more than an Alumni organization. This strategy is designed to raise the level of competition at Texas A&M in order to put the country on notice in XVs and 7s and to build a tradition of Aggie Olympians.

This agreement with Ruck Science provides an additional fundraising opportunity for the Old Maroon Alumni association. While most Ruck Science customers are active rugby players, we also provide a series of lifestyle products and general health supplements. Items like our SuperBeets powder for example have a range of health benefits. SuperBeets is widely used by non-rugby players with circulatory and high blood pressure problems.

For anyone associated with Old Maroon, when you make a purchase on, you’ll be asked to enter the name of your rugby club at checkout. Please list “Old Maroon” and every month we’ll donate 10% of the value of those orders to the Alumni association.

What this means for Ruck Science

As mentioned above, this is the first partnership between Ruck Science and a college rugby alumni association. We’re thrilled to be working with other organizations that exist to benefit rugby players and their clubs. The work done by alumni associations like Old Maroon is invaluable to young rugby players both at University and in the years after they graduate. We’ll be doing everything we can to assist Old Maroon with fundraising and player welfare programs in 2016 and beyond.