University of Houston – Our Latest Sponsored Club

Ruck Science is pleased to welcome our newest sponsored club, The Men’s Rugby Team at the University of Houston! The Cougars are currently raising money to send 10 of their players to Las Vegas to play 15s in a national tournament. Thankfully, they have an awesome new partnership with Ruck Science to help them achieve this goal!

About the Cougars

The University of Houston Rugby Club has been in existence for about 40 years. This year we became part of the collegiate league in the Texas Rugby Union. Because we are not an NCAA sanctioned sport (YET!), our team of ruggers must find and generate most of our own funding. That’s why the partnership with Ruck Science is so great!

university of houston rugby club sponsorship


Being a part of the University of Houston we are an extremely diverse team, and even have a few players from across the globe. Recently, we have made a huge accomplishment with our short time as a collegiate team. Our record in league play goes as undefeated in only 17 points scored against and 234 scored for. The team will be competing for the state championship this year and with a victory, we can go on to the regional championship which will then be followed by the national championship. With the community’s support, we believe this year will be a stepping stone to something that can be great for years to come!

New Coach

UH recently hired a new head coach. UH Alumni, Jesse Dominguez has now taken over as head coach. It will be exciting to see what this new era of Cougar Rugby brings. While coaching for UH, Jesse works as a personal trainer and plays for the Houston Athletic Rugby Club (HARC).

UH in Action

Check out this recent match between UT vs. UH…

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