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It’s a proud day whenever we get to tell you all about our newest partners. And today is no different. As of next month (and just in time for Christmas), Ruck Science will begins sending donations to the LeTourneau YellowJackets. This weekend, the YellowJackets will be playing an away game against the local team from St Edward’s University. Fingers crossed it’s a cracking game! Read on to learn more about our friends from East Texas.

About LeTourneau rugby

The LeTourneau University rugby club has a fantastic mission, to teach the game of rugby to a whole new generation of players. The team aims to teach rugby to as many players at the school as possible and to see them develop new skills and abilities within the game. Their website, which you can find here contains team information, highlights, and club activity listings. From the website:

This LETU club is for anyone who loves rugby or wants to learn more about it. We play every Saturday at 3pm at the South field. No experience is not problem. Come out and play the best game ever thought up. We encourage our fans and supporters to like this page for the most up to date information.

History of rugby at LeTourneau

Rugby has been played at LETU for many years now, but got it’s big push in 2009 when a few missionary kids got a group of guys together to play this great game. From there, a small group of dedicated students put in the hard work to become recognized by LeTourneau, and make all the necessary steps to become an official team. Each year the club members have taken the vision of those before them in order to build a legacy of brotherhood.

Their goal is to continue bringing in men who will join together in a brotherhood of rugby, growing physically and spiritually. By taking the lessons learned in rugby and applying them in life they hope to grow into men who will not only be “witnesses in every workplace and nation” but men who will go the extra mile on and off the rugby field. A fantastic mission and one that Ruck Science wholeheartedly supports.

Watch them in action

For anyone in Austin, TX this weekend, the YellowJackets will be playing against local side St Edward’s University. We highly recommend getting out to enjoy the game. The weather’s supposed to be clear and the rugby should be stellar. For anyone who isn’t around this week, please take a look at this game below against Angelo State:

First half

Second half

How to get started with Ruck Science

There are three things we suggest doing before you order from Ruck Science:

  • Sign up for an account on our website and get $10 to spend on our website
  • Enter the coupon code LETURUGBY during the checkout process so we know where to send the donations and so you get an additional $10 off your first purchase. 

Follow the YellowJackets

Club website
Club Facebook

Concerned about the quality of our products?

Independent tests have shown that none of the ingredients in our supplements appear on the World Anti-Doping Agency banned substances list which makes us 100% W.A.D.A compliant. You can use the W.A.D.A. iPhone app to confirm this claim. We are also happy to provide batch testing results for anyone who would like them, please refer to the contact info below for this email address.

About the agreement

This partnership means that LeTourneau will have an official nutrition sponsor for the remainder of the 2016 rugby season and beyond. Unlike a traditional sporting sponsorship, the YellowJackets will have $0 in setup costs. No banners, signs or printing costs. Our program is much simpler than that. For every order placed on that mentions uses code LETURUGBY we’ll donate up to 20% straight the the club. The club doesn’t need to report to us or prove their value on an on-going basis. We’ll contribute to the YellowJackets obligation-free for as long as we’re running.

Get in touch

Need to speak with the Ruck Science customer service team? Please email and we’ll be only too happy to help out with any product requests.