Periodization in Rugby

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Training is both an art and a science. Improve your science to refine your artistry. Training is nothing else but a manipulation of methods intended to induce superior adaptation. When adaptation increases, so does the quality of your game.

Good conditioning improves the rate of recovery. When you are well-trained, winning comes naturally. In training nothing happens by accident. Do you want to be successful? Plan for it!

These are the tenants espoused in 'Periodization for Rugby' - perhaps the best eBook on strength and conditioning for rugby players.

How does it help you?

  • learn what minimum effective does means
  • understand the fundamentals of strength and conditioning
  • discover how periodization was developed and is used

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There are several books on the market discussing either a specific topic, or all the elements of the game. In our case, however, we’ll address only one, but a crucial element of the game: physical conditioning. Why only physical conditioning? Because it is very complex in nature and a large body of information needed to be discussed in detail. Physical training represents the foundation of all other elements of the game. To improve your chances of winning you must be properly trained; winning comes naturally only to well-trained teams! Therefore, we’ll discuss in detail all the elements of conditioning and show you the road you need to travel in order to train your players to reach the highest level of physical competency ever.

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