Just starting out in rugby? As a beginner in rugby, there’s some stuff you should know. If you’re coming to rugby from a football background, we’ve got you covered. There’s also some resources to help you watch more rugby.


Brandon Lee

Developing Skills in the Sport for Everyone

Every day we read articles about the best weights exercises for rugby – advice on how to get bigger arms and develop your guns is endless. Some trainers in the fitness industry with little knowledge of rugby regurgitate a hypertrophy training program thinking that rugby players simply require size and nothing else.

Anaerobic Fitness featured image
Brandon Lee

Rugby Fitness Drills and Anaerobic Fitness Games to Try

As a player, the perception of a tough loss might be different to what the coach sees. So, when you turn up to training and all your coach wants to do is load the team up with boring old fitness drills, morale can take a hit.

Brandon Lee

How Strong Are Rugby Players?

Rugby is one of the few sports that require a high level of all-around physical fitness. a rugby player’s strength can be measured with four exercises: back squats, bench press, deadlifts and overhead press. So this raises a question: How strong are rugby players?

start playing rugby in your 40s
Patrick Dale

Is it conceivable to start playing rugby in my 40s?

While it is conceivable to start playing rugby in your 40s, it’s not something you should rush into. Use the information in this article to decide if you are physically and mentally equipped.

how youth rugby helps you as an adult
Training Team

How will youth rugby help you as an adult?

How can youth rugby help you become successful as an adult if you are not good enough to go professional? Here are the physical, mental and life skill benefits of youth rugby.

watch rugby free online
Training Team

How we watch rugby free online

Where do you go to watch rugby free online? Lots of places! Here’s our list of the best places to find HD rugby games free online. Youtube isn’t the only place you can go, there are options for streaming and downloading all over the web.

flanker running lines
Training Team

Flanker running lines from ruck to ruck

Are you learning to play flanker in rugby? Awesome! You’ll love it. The most important thing to know is how to move around the rugby field from one ruck to another. These are called your ‘running lines’ and they’re critical for flankers to understand.

Rugby Vs football differences
Tim Howard

Rugby v Football – the 4 main differences

It shouldn’t be hard to spot the differences between rugby and football. But some of those difference are much more obvious and consequential than others. This article addresses the 4 main differences between rugby and (American) football, so you’ll be prepared for your first practice!

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