2nd fight on the ground at the rugby breakdown
Training Team

2nd fight on the ground at the breakdown

As a ball carrier, it’s critical that you maintain possession through the tackle and breakdown situation. A 2nd fight on the ground is the best way to do this.

eliminate the breakdown threat
Training Team

Eliminate the threat at the breakdown

How do you eliminate a threat at the breakdown in rugby? Here are a series of clips demonstrating how to blow out a breakdown threat and secure the rugby ball in the process.

deciding to play the ball breakdown
Training Team

Deciding to play the ball at the breakdown

What should you do when you arrive at a breakdown in rugby? We explain breakdown decision-making and how to make the right choice for each breakdown situation.

body height breakdown
Training Team

Body height at the breakdown

How do you perfect your body height at the breakdown in rugby? This video explains the importance of breakdown height and how to get into the right body position to be effective at the breakdown.

2nd supporting player breakdown
Training Team

2nd supporting player at the breakdown

What should you do as the second supporting player to the breakdown in rugby? This video breaks down the role of the 2nd supporting player.

getting from set piece to breakdown
Training Team

Getting from the set piece to the breakdown

Your supporting line should be as direct as possible so that you arrive quickly and in a good position. It’s much much easier to protect the ball if you are the first player to arrive than if you’re slow to the ball and need to move a defender.

deciding to commit to the breakdown
Training Team

Not committing to the breakdown on defense

To ruck or not to ruck? In rugby you’ll decide to commit (or not) to every breakdown on the field. Those decisions are critical. Here’s when you should decide NOT to commit to the breakdown.

what is the breakdown in rugby
Juan Mouton

Understanding the breakdown in rugby

The breakdown is the most complex area of the game of rugby. Luckily we have Juan Mouton to explain just what is the breakdown in rugby. Complete with videos and analysis of each Law that governs how the breakdown works.

breakdown defensive structure rugby
David Weitz

Defensive structure at the breakdown in rugby

How to you align your defense to be effective? Rugby coach David Weitz explains how to structure your defense from the breakdown. Complete with diagrams and explanations of each position away from the breakdown. Annnnnnnd up up up!!!

master breakdown poaching
Tim Howard

Three exercises to master breakdown poaching

How do you steal more ball at the breakdown? Having low body height is important. So today we’ll examine three exercises that can help you master breakdown poaching by giving you a stronger lower and more powerful base.

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